Event #156: December 14, 2010

I came home tonight late, as I’d stayed to help the office manager clean up after a big meeting. They’d had a dinner, etc. and it was a big mess, and I left work much later than usual; it was 11:30 when I got home. I went immediately to tend to our stove, and as soon as I entered our living room on the other side of the closed door, I could hear her “buzz”. It was very strong down there. The buzz followed me upstairs, even stronger in the bedroom. I looked around for something that might have “occurred”, because Bob had not mentioned anything in particular when we’d spoken on the phone earlier. And there it was: writing in the notebook. When is the last time that has happened?

New words in the notebook tonight: Anaty Nuxa

I excitedly picked it up; it was just two words, and here they are, in the photo to the right. The buzz continued, and even followed me as I walked back over to this part of the house and into the bathroom. I have yet to hear it in the office though, and have never heard it in the kitchen either. I went to bed with it very strong in the room and in my ear, variable in intensity, undulating, but always a similar tone, like the playing of the lowest string on a string-bass, and doing whatever you can with just that tone. Why it changes in intensity (How it changes in intensity??), and what it all means, is beyond me. I’m not even sure what it is that I’m hearing. I just know I am hearing something. Here are the excerpts from our emails Wed. morning:

Bob: Btdubs, Nuttah said hi. She called you Anoty, Anaty, Anoti, something along those lines.
I asked, I think I did anyway, if you could see her. I think she said she has tried, but it is not easy, she will continue to try. She indicated that she has hugged you.
Wobble on! I love you Awup,An’na, Anaty,Anoti…..funny how your pet name turned out somewhat close.

Me: I slept well, despite the loud buzz! I knew something was up as soon as I came into our living room, I could hear her loud even downstairs. Got louder upstairs, and then I was surprised to see writing again in the notebook. It’s been awhile. Is that the nicknames for both of us? I haven’t felt the hug, that I’m aware of. Maybe I’m asleep? Did you “Talk” about anything else?

Bob: I know nuxa is father, I think that Anaty or however it is spelled, is mother or some endearing term for mother, again, I am only guessing.


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