Event #156a: Wed., December 15, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight, as usual, and I asked him to elaborate on her “visit” last night, and what he had written in the notebook. As best as he can figure, the names are the informal, affectionate names she had for her parents. I guess it would sort of be like today’s “Mom & Dad”, instead of “Mother” and “Father”. I laboriously scribbled notes as we talked, so I can portray this discussion as an actual conversation:

Me: “So what else happened last night?”
Bob: “She… was just… concerned.”
Me: “Concerned about what?”
Bop: “She’s concerned that… that she doesn’t really communicate anymore and it’s bothering her.”
Me: “Well, why not? How come she isn’t?”
Bob: “Cause I’m so zonked. I fall asleep right away. I did ‘tell’ her that you wanted to see her. She said it was ‘Not that easy’… but she’s trying. She’s been trying.”
Me: “What’s involved?”
Bob: “I don’t know… no idea. I don’t even know how she’s here. But I believe more and more that we are on the same spot, just different timelines.”
Me: “Yeah, that’s what is seems like. But how are we here now, you and me as her parents from then?”
Bob: “Cause there’s many, many, many of us.”
Me: “So, we more or less just kind of coexist, like in layers? Timeline upon timeline, and there’s an infinite number of layers possible?”
Bob: “Yeah, as well as every other possibility that could exist. And an infinite number of possibilities of ‘us’”
Me: “So how did she find us, with all those myriads of possibilities?”
Bob: “Don’t know. I don’t understand any of it. I do understand what I hear the physicists talking about, what I hear the research is about, how everything can coexist in the same spot… because it’s not real, Time is not real.”
Me: “So is she just basically busy in her life with her day-to-day existence, like we are?”
Bob: “Yeah”
Me: “Do you think that she realizes the magnitude of what she is able to do?”
Bob: “OH, Yeah”.
Me: “I mean the way we do – realize it – the way we’re impressed with what she is able to do, traveling through time and everything…”
Bob: “I think so…”
Me: “Hmmmmmmm… Fascinating.”
Bob: “I’m sure she knows the magnitude of it, as do those she is with. Maybe not the same way we do. They had a more open mind to it then, than we, as a society, do now. They didn’t pooh-pooh these ideas the way we might.”
Me: “There were no skeptics to the possibilities.”
Bob: “Yeah. I think the ‘Anati’ is an endearing term for you.”
Me: “But she never knew me…”
Bob: “No, but she does now. And she missed that, and that is something that never went away. She had people in her tribe that raised her, but it was not the same as having her mother there. She is here a lot now.”
Me: “I know, I hear her almost all the time. I’d really like to be able to see her though, or even feel her presence, not just hear.”
Bob: “I saw her twice, well, at least there was that one instance of when I saw her behind me in the mirror.”

And I recall that Bob had looked in our dresser mirror, looking out into the room through the mirror, and there she had been, and he was able to even describe how she was dressed.

Bob: “And remember, she said she would be here a lot. It was one of the things that she said. So somehow, I think she has figured out a way to be in both places simultaneously, like when she’s in a dream state… she’s not there or here; she’s both. Everything just seems so odd.”

Me: “That it does.”

When I got home much later that evening – another late night, as I had to food shop on the way home – as I was tending the stove beneath our bedroom, I ‘heard’ her again. I’d been typing for awhile the conversation I just did above, and then had gone over to go to bed, and I felt that she was with me when I went over there, following me around the room. Or her energy, her aura, her presence, whatever, I’m really not sure how to describe it, or what it is I sense, I just do know that it is something.


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