Event #157: Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bob came over to the front part of the house where I was working on our Christmas card on the computer.

“I just got an earful of shit for letting the fire go out…” he stated woefully.

We have been having problems with this ‘new-to-us’  wood stove, and the fires have not been burning correctly, and our back part of the house is not warming up very well. We bought this stove at a garage sale, and we’re starting to think that perhaps the seller might have known there was something wrong with it. We couldn’t remember his name or his phone no., so we’d found someone in the classifieds to come and look at it, and they were on their way. In order for the stove to be serviced, the fire was going to have to be out.

“Oh… from…” and then it dawned on me. “Oh… she’s upset you let the fire go out. Cause of the ancestors.”

“Yeah”, was Bob’s reply, “But I told her that we don’t have it going all summer, so what’s with that?”

“And the answer?” I wondered.

“Well, she just keeps repeating that this is how the ‘others’ see us; she can come through, but the ‘others’ can’t, so they have to ‘see’ us.”

I picture them all sitting around one of their fires. I picture a ceremony, and drums are rhythmically beating, and they’re all staring into the fire. They can see us somehow, or see our world, or our house, or the 2 of us (if we’re there?) or somehow, they are seeing something. (It’s made me paranoid every time I’ve walked by the stove since I learned this.) She can make the transition between the 2 worlds, but they can only see us through the fire. So it’s important that it be kept going. In their world, I imagine all year long they don’t let the fire go out. Someone can always, and does always keep it going. Bob said there was alarm and even anger coming from her that the fire had gone out.

Then later, we talked to Stewie who was spending the night somewhere else. He mentioned that his “character” had moved from where it had been over by his desk/computer set-up to his bedside table.


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