Event #158: Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bob said when he came downstairs early in the morning, he heard a lot of “activity” in the house. It was to the point where he was “looking around each corner to check” before he came through the house. Not just one person’s footsteps, but more than one. Several people.

And then I remembered that one night toward the end of last week I heard knocking coming through my computer speaker. I was sitting here typing and I kept hearing this rhythmic knocking. The first couple of times I heard it, I thought it sounded like it was coming from outside, like someone was actually knocking on my window. It kind of freaked me out. I’m sitting here in a light room, the windows show me only darkness outside, I’m alone in this part of the house, as Bob is “way over there” sleeping. After about the 3rd rhythmic knocking, I got up to investigate. I checked the speaker volume on my computer speakers, as partly, it did seem like it was coming from under my desk, or outside the window right above my desk. I looked outside the door where I can see that window, and, of course, nothing. I went back in the office and got ready to go to bed. I heard the knocking one more time, and turned the speaker all the way down, and didn’t hear it anymore.

Both of us are reading a book right now, that we finally ordered online. We’d heard about it on Coast-to-Coast in the early part of the year, and have wanted to read it ever since, and I finally got around to placing our Christmas order, and included it. We gave it to ourselves as an early Christmas gift. The book is called “Entangled”, by Graham Hancock. I’ll insert here some information that I copied from the internet about it:

“Graham Hancock’s new book “Entangled” features a plot line in which two characters from different time periods, one current day, the other from the Stone Age, are able to communicate with each other through consciousness in order to stop the actions of an evil supernatural entity who appears in both time frames.”

We are both now about one quarter of the way through this fascinating book, and both of us have made comments about the similarities that we’ve noticed to what is happening here.

Nothing much happened over the weekend, except that Sunday, the stove-repair guy came back, and between he and Bob, they were able to work out what was wrong. There had been some warpage inside the stove, a condition called “over-firing”. It figures, as the stove was sold to us really cheap, and also, the previous owners had had it installed in their basement, where they would have had to burn it really hot to try and heat their house. Oh well, another live-and-learn situation. Well, we got it fixed. And now it’s working great. No more face-fulls of smoke when I open it to put wood in, no more setting off the smoke alarm when I reload at night. No more smell of smoke awakening me weekend mornings when Bob gets up ahead of me and stokes it up. Oh boy, think I’m gonna miss that.

And then just one last thing to mention before I wrap up this weekend. I finally got out for a “Wobbles-jog” for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Wobbles and I were just wrapping it up, and I spotted something on the ground, and picked it up. I brought it home to add to our “stuff” on the dresser, as it is the pure white feather of a pure white bird.


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