Event #159: Monday, December 20, 2010

Bob called me as usual at work, and sounded a little perturbed as soon as I picked up the phone, so I said, “What’s wrong?”

Bob: “Well, nothing really, except that she is up to some shenanigans ‘cause she’s pissed off about us letting the fire go out…”
Me: “What do you mean, what did she do?”
Bob: “She disabled my remote – yours too.”
Me: “Well, mine isn’t really working anyway, so don’t go by mine.” I confessed. “I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting it to work. I can barely change channels with it.”
Bob: “Well, alright, forget about yours, but mine has been working, and it was disabled.”
Me: “So what did you do?” I asked.
Bob: “The first thing I did was look in my drawer for the instructions – I keep it in there, there’s a code that you need to get it re-programmed, and I needed that code. And I know that I had it in that drawer.”
Me: “So where was it?”
Bob: “I had to ‘ask’ her. She ‘told’ me that put it downstairs behind the TV in the kitchen.”
Me: “And it was there?”
Bob: “Yeah.”
Me: “How did she ‘tell’ you?”
Bob: “Same way she always does – I asked with a picture and she answered with a mental picture of where it was and I knew right where to go.”
Me: “So why did she do that?”
Bob: “It was about the fire – she was mad that we let it go out, and this was her way of retaliating. I did come home to embers burning, but I guess that was not enough.”
Me: “Do you pick up anger?”
Bob: “Well, really it’s more like concern.”
Me: “How’d she know how to disable the remote?”
Bob: “Don’t know… how does she know how to do anything she does? I thought I knew the codes to reprogram it, but they weren’t working, so I went looking for the instruction sheet in my drawer, and I knew right away that not only was she responsible for the remote being screwed up but that she’d hidden the instruction sheet too.”

(I’m thinking now… how on earth would she know those two things were related… but I didn’t think to ask that when we were having this conversation.)

Me: “So was she also in the room then?”
Bob: “Oh yeah, she was there.”
Me: “So if there were still embers burning, why is that an issue? I mean what can we really do, we’re gone all day?”
Bob: “I don’t know, but we didn’t burn fires all summer, and we’re not going to burn a fire all summer – they might, but we are not.”
Me: “Doesn’t she sense that we’re working on it, that we had a problem with the stove, and we were fixing it?”
Bob: “Guess not.”
Me: “Is anything else out of place?”
Bob: “I don’t know, I didn’t really focus, I was busy stewing over my remote.”
Me: “It seems a little… sneaky on her part, don’t you think? How did you know that it was about the fire?”
Bob: “Cause she told me.”
Me: “Well, have you asked her why she can’t keep the fire going if it’s that important? I mean, wasn’t she doing that before, when we found new wood burning that neither of us could have done?”
Bob: “No, haven’t asked. But I think I will the next time I ‘see’ her.”
Me: “Yeah, it seems to me that if she can move all that other stuff, that she could ‘think’ a piece of wood in the fire to keep it going. Guess it’s not the kind of fires her tribe was used to. Maybe she is afraid of burning the house down, and doesn’t want to risk that?”
Bob: “Could be…”
Me: “Did you have the sense that you were being reprimanded?”
Bob: “YEAH! I knew right away what was going on when the manual was gone. She gave me the picture [of where it was], but only after I got really irritated about it. It’s great.”

When I got home about an hour and a half later, I went upstairs as I always do, and I sensed her even before I entered the back area of the house. I stopped at the door to our living room and listened, and I could clearly hear the “buzz”. I could find nothing out of sorts upstairs. Our characters have not moved in days, and no knew things have appeared in the room since those 2 berries last weekend. However, I am sitting down here at my desk with a brand new white feather…


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