Event #160: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I had an interesting night last night. I sensed her strongly in the room, and sometimes I feel I am hearing the “buzz” more as if I’m overhearing a distant conversation, muffled through thick walls, or by some obstruction. (400 years??) It has the beat and cadence sometimes of “conversation”, rather than just a drone. Impossible to understand, but the rhythm of it is familiar.

Then, when I shut my eyes last night, I was thinking quite a bit about one of her revelations to us; that the “ancestors see us through the fire”. I was also thinking that it has been awhile since I’ve seen any visions, of the liquid motion, or even the clear visions of unidentifiable objects. I thought about whether she could show me herself in a vision. (I’d love to see what she looks like). If not herself, then one of the elders.

I was also musing on the incident of Monday, how the instructions for reprogramming the remote were hidden from Bob, as well as the remote itself being disabled. How did she know those two things were even related? They did not have printed language; how could she know what that instruction sheet was about? A curious thing is that Bob also has instructions in his drawer for all the other remotes in the house; not just his, and she knew which one to take. (I just looked out the window and saw a formation of white snow-geese flying overhead, away from me towards the river.)

For some reason, my mind was very active last night, it was a concession to turn off the TV at 1 AM. I knew I was not going to fall asleep. And there I was still at 2 AM, with thoughts (and visions) swirling through my head. I thought that I was seeing “something”, and I kept trying to focus on it, to see if I could bring it into better focus. I could not, but the impression that I had was of a bank of fires, and motion and activity around them. As if there was a row of controlled fire rings, and there was human activity around them. The colors were the color of embers in the fireplace and darkness and shadows. Deep, heavy, black darkness of the sort we do not experience in our 21st century world. Punctuated by the orange glow of embers and flame. I could not focus on any of this, I’m left this morning with only an impression, and doubt now that it was a “vision” at all, rather that it was just my active mind at work. But she was “in the room”, and I was trying to send her my mental/pictorial questions… so, who knows?

Email excerpts between us this morning:

Bob: This morning, going through that intersection again, the GIANT white bird flew through at 4:29 AM. It is such a beautiful bird, but it sure seems out of place. I wish I could get a better look at it, it always happens so quickly and unexpectedly.

Me: I’m using these return address labels from the Audubon Society on our Christmas cards, and one has on it a giant white bird called the Trumpeter Swan. I’ll show it to you, maybe it will look familiar. I wonder why it is always there at that intersection? There must be something significant to that place. I wish we knew. I’m going to leave my white feather as an “offering” to Nuttah. Funny, we played “Indians” as kids (not really Cowboys & Indians, just Indians) and I was always White Feather. I just remembered that, when I wrote “white feather” above. She was there last night, and then this morning, and our characters are rearranged on the dresser. She likes the hearts pointing at us, and she turned all of them around, moved us all in closer together. Also, I planted the one last remaining live sprig that she brought in some soil, hopefully that will root it better, cause it was ailing in the water cup, this is a last ditch effort to make it thrive somehow. I’ll add root-tone to our Home Depot list — I may stop in there tonight on the way home, I think this time of year they stay open ’til 10.

The "hearts" are pointing at us, and the green arrow points at the white feather acting as "wings" behind Nuttah

A note about what I wrote in the email above. When I came home on Wed. night, I went up to check around. The fires have been burning non-stop since Sunday when the stove was fixed. I didn’t notice it right away, cause it was really subtle, especially being white, but then I saw it. I think I mentioned that I’d left the white feather that I’d found while jogging as an “offering” of a sort. What I had done with it though, was to lay it on top of those three “hearts” that you see in the front of the picture. It wasn’t there anymore, and my first thought was that maybe it had blown off the dresser. I had to go get my booklight to see what had really happened, and when I lit up the arrangement of us on the bureau with the light, I saw it. My green arrow in the picture above points it out. The feather was now wedged behind Nuttah, in this picture, it almost looks like they are angel wings on her. Perhaps they are?

Bob is almost afraid to read further in the “Entangled” book that we are both reading. If I could tell him what is coming, I would tell him not to (read further). He says it draws way too many parallels with our (his) experience. I hope those similarities start to diverge as the book has become extremely violent; more violent for my tastes – on the level of “Avatar” violence, except not “sanitized” – but the violence is part of the story. If you have not checked it out yet, I’ve provided a link to the 1st four chapters of the book online several times when I have mentioned this book, and I will do so here as well. What Graham Hancock has done is to write a fiction novel about things that he has spent a lifetime researching the possibility of. Early in our experiences, I heard him talking on “Coast-to-Coast” about his research, and in the middle of the night, it perked my ears up because it was exactly what was happening here. I laid there listening; in the morning I downloaded the 4 chapters that he put online free, and I even wrote Graham an email saying that we were “living” what he writes about and researches. (Never heard an answer.) There are several people in different fields of research that I’ve thought about contacting and in some cases have tried to contact. I’ve listed them below with links to their sites if you care to read about them and what they are researching. All of these people are too “BIG” for an email that I could hope would ever get to them:

And below, I have embedded the trailer for “Entangled” that was available on Graham Hancock’s site. It’s only a minute long.


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