Event #162: Christmas Day! December 25, 2010

Today is Christmas. I am typing this on Christmas morning, but barely, it’s 10 minutes to noon. I slept kind of late cause we were up late with Dan & Elaine wrapping gifts and drinking hot buttered rum and beer. (Well, 2 of us drank the rums, and 2 drank beer). I came down around 9 something this morning, and found Bob sitting in our living room staring into the fire.

“So do you see our ancestors?” I asked, after I gave him a Christmas good morning kiss. I was not asking the question kiddingly, either.

“No, but I had an interesting conversation earlier”, he responded. “She wanted to know why we live in big structures; alone as families and so far apart. I explained that’s how our society evolved, and she wanted to know if we like it better?”

“When was this?” I wondered.

“About an hour and ½ ago… outside.” Bob answered.
“So how did you answer that?” I asked.

“Well, I told her I didn’t know, because I couldn’t remember ever having lived another way. I conveyed to her that I do like the conveniences.” Bob answered. “Then she said she wanted to talk by the creek. ‘Sipu’, ‘sipoo’, something like that.  She was saying ‘creek’, I think is how it translates. She was speaking to me in her language, yet I understood it. I was talking to her about Christmas, and the meaning of the holiday. I didn’t try to explain the whole Christian thing, but just that we celebrate the birth of a famous ancestor to ‘all of us’, not just to family. She understood that part.” Bob continued.

“Where did this happen?” I wondered.

“She wanted me down at the creek; I had to sit my ass right down on the cold stones right at the creek edge; and my ass was COLD” was Bob’s response.

“Were you ‘thought-conversing?” I wondered – a new term I’ve learned from the “Entangled” book.

“Yeah, by thoughts, I tried to explain what Christmas was, but not because she asked, I just wanted her to know what today would be about, because clearly it would be different than what she usually sees going on. I also asked her to come and hang out with us.” Bob said.

“And…?”, I asked.

“Well… there seems to be some difficulty with larger groups and her. Either difficulty or unwillingness, although I think the word they have for those is the same. Kind of… a block, I guess, about being around a lot of people. I don’t know if it’s something that interferes with our thought process that allows her to come in. I don’t have any clue what it is.”

“How long did this conversation go on?” I asked.

“It’s kind of hard to determine time when this happens… it could have been ½ hour, it could have been an hour – or even 20 minutes. My fucking ass was freezing, so I’d say at least 20 minutes.” Bob said.

“That’s pretty long.” I said. “I never could have stood that… being out there in the cold. Especially the way you were probably dressed. What else did you talk about?” I wondered.

“I just told her that today was a special day to us. And that other people would be coming and that she was welcome to join us.”

“What about now?” I wondered… “is she here now?”

“I don’t know… she’s not in front of me and that’s the only way that I can pick her up” was Bob’s answer.

Bob continued, “I did ask about the coyotes.”

“Oh, the coyotes from the other day – that you thought might have been the wolves. And were they?” I asked.

A little explanation here because I think I forgot to write it up the other day. Bob was out back early on a weekend morning – last weekend I think. And he said something distracted him over by the bridge. Some kind of movement along the creek toward the bridge. And he looked over, and there were two coyote pups playing there and they noticed him. Bob was really interested in this, and he started walking toward them, and they took off. My first thought was that maybe this was a sighting purely for Bob, like the white birds. He didn’t think so, because it is not really that far-fetched that we’d have some coyotes here. But I couldn’t help thinking about previous sightings: white birds, a wolf on the top of the closet that left a mark, the meteor that only Bob saw – stuff like that. So now Bob had a chance to ask Nuttah about the coyotes.

“She just smiled and laughed.” Bob said.

“So what do you think that means?” I wondered.

“Well… that they were the wolf puppies. I did want to check them out but they were gone too quickly.”

Bob continued about Christmas: “I did ask her to come – I told her that our crazy daughter was going to be here. She again indicated that it’s ‘hard’ or ‘uncomfortable’, like they are the same words for the same thing. Also, she did say that it was cold ‘there’ too, because I kept imparting to her how completely cold my ass was.”

“Were any other ideas discussed?” I wondered.

“Well… it went on for awhile. I was trying to explain the holiday. I tried to explain what goes on and what it has become. Also, she was much happier this time because the fire was burning in the stove.” Bob explained.

“Oh… yeah… the last time you ‘talked’ was because the fire went out. So she’s happy now that it’s been burning?” I asked.

“Yeah – only I let her know that it is not going to be that way in the summer – I am not going to keep a fire going all year long. She indicated that she understood that but that they wanted to ‘see’ and that is how they ‘see’ us. I asked her if it was ‘all’ the time and she indicated ‘no’; only when they choose to look in.”

“So what is it that links us?” I wondered. “What are they looking at when they ‘look in’?”

“I don’t know” Bob answered. “I have the impression of a ritual, like they are drinking something.”

I have my own impression. I imagine it is a fire at their end of things. I imagine they drink something that releases the mind, so to speak, something either hallucinogenic or intoxicating. Or both. They drink, or they smoke, and they stare into the fire, and they have an ‘out-of-body’ experience, or they release their souls and travel into the ‘spirit world’ and make contact with another time, or are somehow able to observe our time, or other times, or other worlds. I don’t know. It seems possible if we were not so completely closed off to that part of ourselves. Our culture is so completely divorced from ‘spirit’. Just for a perfect example, think about what Christmas has become to us as Americans. It’s pathetic, because we’ve come so far from what it is and what it should be. The more ‘contact’ that we have with the Native American world, the more this becomes apparent to me. I feel a little like I’m having lessons like Scrooge did in the Christmas Carol. A spirit comes and shows you past, present, future, and you come to realize the mistakes of your life. Only, hopefully, it is not too late to redirect its course…


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