Event #163: Later on Christmas Day

Something happened later on Christmas Day as well. Our characters had all been left on the bureau the way they were in the picture I took on December 22. I don’t usually mess with Nuttah’s arrangements of us. They have their own unique charm, and I leave them as is; the only time I change things around is when I am hoping for some new activity, because it is usually what works. But Christmas brought a change without me having to do anything. I went up sometime late in the afternoon; we’d already eaten, and I think I just had to run upstairs to retrieve something. Although it is possible that I was trying to discern her presence in our room also.

The new arrangement of the characters has brought Kate out of the drawer!

Of course, my first glance was to the characters on the bureau, and I was really surprised to see this change: Kate had joined us! That was exciting. And incredibly interesting as well, because of where Kate has “been” for a few months now. I’d have to go back and read many previous posts, but months ago, I think Kate was put away in the top, right drawer. And Christmas morning, I hung from that drawer a pillow case that I wanted to hang to dry. I didn’t want to leave it in the dryer to shrink, so I had hung it from that drawer by closing it onto about an inch of the fabric. And not only was Kate now outside the drawer and on top of the bureau, but the pillow case was still hanging exactly as I’d left it. My theory about these ‘events’ has become that she doesn’t even have to open things, she can just “think” something somewhere, and it moves. So she pictures Kate on the dresser, and doesn’t even have to open the drawer, Kate just pops onto the dresser. For goodness sake, this must be child’s play, given that she can take Bob back to her time and show him around! A little explanation of the picture changes to the right: the hearts in front (some in the form of stones) are all where they were. I’m in the same spot, Bob is actually turned in a little tighter to Nuttah, but there is Kate having joined us to the right. And the actual Kate had in fact joined us for Christmas that day, along with her boyfriend Mick — I think this was just Nuttah’s way of acknowledging Kate’s presence.


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