Event #164: Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today there was a prediction of what might have been a whopping amount of snow for the area. It was unclear how far out towards the ocean this storm might go, and we might get anywhere from nothing to 8-12 inches. So right around the time the snow started, I took Wobbles out for our jog, as we had missed it on Christmas Day. It was snowing very lightly at that point, but there was a biting, blustery wind. Who cares, I had all my layers on. Along the way, Wobbles stopped for a poop, and I stood looking toward the river as I always do, to survey the gorgeous view. Right in front of me was a very large tree, and I noticed right away that the tree was completely surrounded in some kind of plant growth that was still green and fruiting. It was not ivy; it had a slightly darkish single point leaf, and bright orange berries. I grabbed a sprig of it off the tree for Nuttah. Probably the last of the live things that I can offer. I was still on the first half of our jog, and the sprig must have fallen out of my sweatshirt pocket at some point. But on the way back, I noticed a live green sprig on the ground, and realized that it was my fallen one. By the time I got to the parking lot, it was really cold, blustery, and the snow had really started to whip up by now. And yet a couple was leashing up 3 beautiful huskies to go for a snowy run as well. So I’m not the only one who thinks it’s fun to be out in the snow with a dog! At any rate, when I got back, I showed the sprig to Bob and told him that I was going to give it to Nuttah. He was surprised as well that at this late date in December there was something still growing with such liveliness. I took it up to the bureau and laid it across all the hearts that were still lined up in front of “us”. Bob was up and down from our bedroom today quite often. I however, didn’t go up until much later in the evening, it was already dark and Bob was stoking up our living room fire for the night. He couldn’t hear me as I called out to “Come see this!”

My new sprig takes center stage with the white feather from the other day

I had laid the sprig across the front of us, and had moved nothing else. Nuttah, however, had moved “me” and then moved herself all the way over to the left of “me”. Notice the plant sprig in front of “her”, with its bright orange berries at her left “elbow”. She has also taken the white feather out from behind her and laid it across the sprig.  I’m having a bad memory moment and am not quite sure at this point if this occurred on Sunday night or Monday. Monday was highly unusual, in that Bob was home; the snow to the south of us where he works was much worse than what we got here, which was only about 6” or so. He had actually driven all the way in to work Monday morning, but no one else could get there, including the trucking companies coming from the west, so Bob got an unexpected extra holiday day off.


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