Event #165: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The new arrangement of plants, the feather, and our characters

I came back from my jog this morning, and even while still in the truck in the driveway, I could hear the buzz in my ear. I had brought another sprig from the same plant climbing the tree as before and I set it in front of Nuttah with the other one. Then later, when I went up to bed last night, I noticed that she had changed things again. I’ve included a picture here. If you compare it to the one in the previous post, you can see that I’ve now moved to Nuttah’s right, the feather has moved, and the plants are adjusted differently. All the hearts are still in a row under these plant sprigs:

The sprig from in the closet on December 1st

Nuttah had brought me a gift of a sprig back in early December. It’s the one that I photographed in the closet with the necklaces and stuff. I kept it in water for at least two weeks, but it was not thriving, so I moved it downstairs and planted it in some very moist soil. As of today, a month later, it looks pretty much dead. I’d had a thought to try to root it, and I gave it a shot, and I’m not going to tear it out of the soil and give up yet, just in case the leaves are dying back, and the stalk still has some life in it – but I am not holding out a whole lot of hope. But… one never knows.


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