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January 31, 2011

Event #177a: January 28-31, 2011

A picture from the internet of the heart-shaped petaled "Evening Primrose"

Excerpts of email: I just came across an interesting comment I made in the journal back in November, and I never followed up on ’til just now. A thought had come to me that perhaps the plants that Nuttah was leaving for me had some medicinal qualities to them. But I never looked that up. Three or four times though, she brought the one I eventually identified as Evening Primrose and I decided to pursue the medicinal angle since I’m about to post it now. Here is something I found:

This plant was a staple food for many Native American tribes. The leaves are cooked and eaten as greens and the roots are said to be sweet succulent and delicious when boiled like potatoes.

The date I took this picture was 10-8-10, when a large sprig of it was to show up here on my bedside table

Formerly cultivated for its nutritious edible roots, it is being increasingly cultivated for the oil contained in its seeds which contains the essential gamma-linoleinc acid (GLA), a very valuable fatty acid that is not found in many plants and has numerous vital functions in the body. GLA is an essential fatty acid that the body does not manufacture. This fatty acid is known to help prevent hardening of the arteries, heart disease, eczema, cirrhosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and high blood pressure, and aids in lowering cholesterol levels. Nuttah has left this plant on 4 separate occasions. And twice, a small sprig of it was left in the closet right next to where I keep the supplements I take that are “theoretically” supposed to lower cholesterol, however, so far with not much success. I’d like to look up some of the qualities of the other plants that she left, however, not all of them were identified with 100% certainty, with the exception of this Primrose, and the Arrowhead plant from back in the summer.

And Bob’s response: Hmmmm…coincidence. Lowering cholesterol, nothing to see here, move along, purely coincidence.

Me: I KNOW!! Maybe I should add some evening primrose oil to my remedy routine. hmmmmm… other cardiovascular benefits as well. Now I have to look up the other plants. We already know what I did with the arrowhead plant. I sent you another email showing something I found out about the medicinal and edible qualities of that one plant Nuttah had brought several examples of. She is moved over to be closer to you by the way; I had left everyone standing apart, just to see if she would do something, and now, your character’s  sticking out arm is touching her.

Then on January 31st:

Bob: I think I will not hear from Nuttah, hard to say that.

Me: Well, after all this work and effort, I don’t think she is going to leave you alone for good. I am still getting a buzzzzzz, but perhaps now it is permanent.

Bob: I know she will maintain “the rope” between you and her, but I am a major disappointment to her and all involved. I am disappointed at my loss.

Me: Don’t give up hope, she’ll be back.

January 25, 2011

Event #177: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I’m not sure what to make of this, as Bob did not mention it when we talked on the phone earlier. And it seems pretty odd that he wouldn’t, if it had happened before then. So, until I hear from him tomorrow, I can only guess that this happened after we talked. I came in tonight from work, and went around to do my usual “checks” upstairs, that I still do out of habit. The characters on the bureau. The bedside tables. The ducks. The bathroom closet. All the spots where things have “happened”. And the only thing that I initially noticed tonight was something missing. On Bob’s bedside table, the notebook was missing. If he hadn’t been asleep, I would have opened the drawer to see if he put it away. I was a little sad, noticing this, as I thought that maybe he put it away since it had been so long since something had happened requiring writing in the notebook. So… perhaps that chapter was closed so to speak. So I went about my business getting changed, putting away my jewelry, etc. and I went back downstairs to the living-room below our bedroom and glanced over to the wood stove, which was burning nicely. I had already stopped and added new wood, before I went upstairs. But now, observing it from this angle, I saw something I had not seen before – it was the notebook down here, and it had writing in it. The pen was with it too. It sat on the coffee table in front of the stove and the couch, as if Bob had been sitting there writing, and had just laid the notebook down, unless… Nuttah moved the book down here after she “visited”.

A scan of the notebook page that I found open downstairs

I picked it up and sat on the couch to read what was on the open page. I had trouble deciphering the writing, even though it all appeared to be in English. It was a combination of the lack of light, and the writing itself, but I believe what it said is this:

They see what they need – [?? word?]
Fire – no need  for now
Sad/Angry With/at
Live – non-life
Can live again with us
This my life – I have responsibility here
You respect that – I cannot leave / Elders  respect

Obviously, this appears to be a commentary on previous recent episodes where she has commented on how we live our lives. But I guess I will have to wait until Bob elaborates on it tomorrow. I’m curious about when this happened and how the notebook got downstairs. So I went to my computer and wrote Bob this email for the next morning:

“Did you have an encounter last night you forgot to tell me about? Or did it happen after I hung up with you? Or did you think it was a dream?”

And Bob’s reply: I meant to see if the tablet was downstairs this morning, forgot THREE times. Wasn’t sure if I dreamed it or not. Slept like a rock afterwards apparently. I was awakened at some point before 10:30, I think. Was told I did not have to keep the fire going all the time, at least for now. They have seen what they need, for now. This is no life at all. “You can come live as a true man, original man”.

I “said”: I cannot abandon my responsibility here, she would not, nor would the elders respect that if I did. I am kind of worried, if this happened, I believe I wrote it on the pad downstairs, Nuttah disappeared in a flash after I “said” what I said. I don’t know if she was angry or what, but it was different than normal. I don’t know what it means.

And my email back to Bob: How did the tablet get downstairs? Did you have the conversation down there? That’s where I found it. I wasn’t sure if she brought it down there after you “talked” or if you sat there talking. Which means she got you up out of bed? So she disappeared in a flash, how does it usually end?

Bob’s email: I believe I took it down when she got me up because I thought it was going to be an important dialogue. I’m kind of worried about the way it ended. Very unusual, not sure how to describe, almost a snap, or flash (of anger maybe). I don’t know, just know it is different and I did not have a good sense about it.

Mine to Bob: If it’s any consolation, I heard the buzz last night, like I usually hear it, also in bed.

And now me just narrating: I’m kind of feeling sad about what happened last night – there seems to be some finality to it from what Bob wrote in his email; I hope I’m just reading that into it. Today, as I work at my desk, I have Nuttah sitting here also – her character – and she is flanked by 2 of the Oaxacan rabbits, however it was me that brought her over here.

January 23, 2011

Event #176: Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had a brief flash of a vision this morning. I was asleep, woke up thirsty, and when I went back to bed, I laid down and I could hear the buzz in my ear, and then a vision flashed into my head. It was a piece of cloth, possibly a flag? It had stitching along the outer edges; even, overlapping, very neat stitches in a darker color than the garment or flag or whatever it was, like blanket stitching. The other parts of the fabric were mainly green with hints or places of red here and there. That part was pretty muddled. This vision came to me at least twice.

Then later, Sunday night, Bob’s sister Rue came over for dinner. When she left, I went upstairs, and sensed something. Not that she was “there”, but Joe was all out of sorts, and I just sensed that something might be different. The only thing that I was able to find was the pewter turtle in the closet had been relocated. It was still in the closet, but he moved to sit on top of the Q-Tip box for some odd reason. Then I saw the book “Joe & Me” in our bathroom book bin (and this book has shown up before when Rue visits), but when I asked Bob about it, he says he is reading it! Okay, so that explains that one.

January 21, 2011

Event #175: Friday night, January 21, 2011

The latest re-arrangement of our characters on the dresser

As we laid down Friday night to go to bed relatively early, as we were both totally exhausted, Bob reported that the previous evening, before I got home, he had heard lots of noise in the bedroom and downstairs below us. I asked what kind of noise, he said it was just a lot of “activity”.

And then that night, I had visions again for the first time in months; the swirling blue, smoky, cloud-like visions. I also knew that Nuttah was in the room (I could hear the buzz), and she also left evidence in the form of a re-arrangement of our characters on the dresser, of which I have included a picture.

A pretty good representation of the swirling blue smoky visions that I get (image from "")

For the first time, I felt that the smokiness in the vision was really like smoke coming from a fire, and if I could just see through it – to something – there did appear to be something on the other side, or some scene that I might be able to pick up. It is so hard to try to see these things, it’s like you can’t “try”, it has to be delivered to you. I had a brief, quick, flash of a vision again as well, I think it was before all the blue swirly stuff started. The thing in the vision was green. It was being thrust through a small space at me. Maybe not “at” me, but toward where I perceive myself to be in this vision. Not a hard green thing, but possibly a plant, material, or cloth, or fiber, or… corn husks? I don’t know. It had a smooth texture, more or less. The color was like that of corn husks. But what WAS it and why was it being pushed at me? It was a very brief flash, at best. I asked to see it again. I asked to know what it meant. I got the swirling blue smoke instead. It reminded me of that scene in “Sixth Sense” where the girl under the makeshift tent is pushing at the boy her memory box that contains the tape that shows how she died. I don’t know why, but that is the scene that comes to mind.

Our wood-stove fire again; never realized the sunburst effect of the grill 'til now

Regarding the smoke, I keep reminding myself that apparently it is through the fire in our downstairs stove that the ancestors are able to “see” us. They see us through the fire. If the fire is going, it creates a connection, perhaps kind of like the thread that connects Ria and Leoni in the “Entangled” book Bob and I both just read. Nuttah is very insistent that the fire not go out. I believe she has been tasked this responsibility by the elders. Bob keeps wondering what she intends to do in the summer? Or maybe she is wondering what we intend to do in the summer. Turtle sits in the closet with the medicines and the Antacids. Is it perhaps a sacred spot for them next to the creek?I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that there might be a route through our bathroom closet too. Perhaps sort of like the “wardrobe” in the Narnia books. (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?”) Bob thinks that where our closet is, is the exact location of something that was sacred to them. Remember, there were often little plant sprigs in there (always the Evening Primrose), and now the pewter turtle still sits on one of the shelves — see his picture to the right.

I am freezing in here this morning. We tended the back stove all night, but not the front. It’s 58 in my office, and when Bob woke up it was 4.1 degrees outside. What did they do when it was 4 degrees? I don’t even want to think about it, but I’m sure 58 would have felt downright balmy.

January 19, 2011

Event #174: Wed., January 19, 2011

I received this in part of an email from Bob:
Physics is truly starting to prove things are not what they seem. Past/present/future are all one. Consciousness is not, apparently confined to the brain; the brain is more a filter. Problem is our material scientific mind set doesn’t allow our physicists to acknowledge that, they would be ostracized, but there are more and more drawing this conclusion.

I have also reported to Bob that  I’m hearing the buzz again fairly regularly, after seemingly not hearing it for quite awhile.

An actual picture of the fire burning in our "Back-of-the-house" wood stove

Then that night, when I spoke to Bob from work, he said this,

“Soon as I came in, it was like walking into a wall; BOOM; there she was. And Joe is all freaked out. I picked up from her an overwhelming concern.

My first order of duty was to tend to the stoves, that was pretty clear. Before I did anything else, even letting the dogs out. It was just a strong concern that the fire stays going. I am NOT doing this in the summer though, this is not going to become some sort of eternal flame.” Bob stated emphatically.

“Does she get that?” I wondered.

Bob’s response was “I don’t know what she understands about that.”

“When did that become a ‘thing’ that they could use to ‘see’ us?”, I asked.

“I don’t know, I just know that it is. I was hit like a ton of bricks when I walked in, whomp. It was down to barely embers, so it was pretty critical.” Bob said again.

“I know, and we’re using a lot of wood. We haven’t heard much from Nuttah lately, did you get a sense of what is going on with her?” again, me wondering.

“No, not really. Just major concern for the fire. And not letting it go out.” Bob responded.

“What do they see?” I asked.

“Well, anything they see, they don’t seem to like – they think that I am an asshole.” Bob said resignedly.

“Can you see her?” I asked.

“No, but I can sure feel it. It was just like “boom”; she was torqued.” Bob said with emphasis.

“Maybe they have made it her ‘responsibility’; maybe the ancestors/elders have somehow made it her ‘job’ to make sure that we understand that the fire be kept going…? I suggested.

“Well, I suppose that’s possible, but I am trying to make it clear to her that this WILL NOT be happening in the summer; I will not keep a fire going then, she’s going to have to come up with some other method for those ancestors. By the way, she really pissed Joe off, he is flipped out; howling and yowling downstairs. He was talking like a madman.” Bob continued.

I then wondered out loud why, since she has seemingly done it before, Nuttah can’t keep our fire going? Maybe the elders/ancestors have told her that that is interfering too much. Maybe you can go too far with it. Maybe they are afraid of the house burning down. Last weekend, I dragged Bob with me to the local home center store to pick up a fire-proof box to store our important papers, “just in case.”

January 18, 2011

Event #173a: January 18, 2011

I’m inserting here a “Place-holding” post. I started to look into that document, the “Walam Olum”, and it proved to be an exercise in continual research, which would delay the posting of the rest of January for too long. So, what I am going to do for now, is just mention it, and I will get back at some future time to finish this post up so that I do it justice. I’m running into a lot of questions about the authenticity of the document, and I want to know what I am posting before I just throw it up there and imply that it is fact. What I do know, and what Bob is becoming more increasingly aware of, is that the Lenape were a people of incredible oral traditions, with an oral history that was passed on between generations, over many years. So it is quite possible, that although it was never “officially” written down, that at some point in time someone did come along who made a written document out of what had been this oral tradition over what appears to be the many thousands of years. So, moving on, I’m going to finish all of the back-posting, get current with events, and then come back to this after I’ve spent some time with it…

January 18, 2011

Event #173: January 15-18, 2011

Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011: Last night, I am pretty sure she was there. Maybe even showing me some visions, did I get it? Wolf eyes? Wolf heads. (Had a wolf dream also Thurs. into Friday morning). Others visions too perhaps… bare barren land, snow covered, at the edge of something with a great body of water. I saw nothing except the land and the water though, broken, jagged coastline, very rough. Far north, cold, snow covered everywhere. This vision came to me a number of times. I was awake for it. I was awake again from about 3 to 5 am.

Monday, January 17, 2011: There really is not much going on right now. In between now and Saturday, Bob has only reported that he gets from her the message to keep the fire going. She nudges him or reminds him… “I don’t want to get any grief”, as he puts it.

Then tonight, when I talked to Bob from work, he mentioned that there was a passage in the book “Entangled” that really hit home with him, and I’ve typed it here:

“But the excellent thing is you are somehow able to communicate with her – that’s difficult you know. I don’t think you realize how difficult it is – not only to talk to matter from spirit but also to do it across the time barrier.”

Then Tuesday night, Bob and I were talking and we were just kind of musing on the events of the past month. Bob could not get rid of that image in his head that he had been “shown” of the mound ceremony. He asked me, “See if you can find something on a split in the migration, one group goes one way, one another. South, or east. And the mounds.”

A picture from the Walum Olum - this picture is translated: "After the rushing waters (had subsided) the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there".

This actually sparked a memory in me of something I had found early on in some of my research of the Lenape people. I did not tell Bob at the time, because as he was always saying, “Don’t tell me, I don’t want it to influence what I’m being shown/told by Nuttah.” Bob did not want to do any internet searching himself, or read any of the things that I found, so as not to confuse his thinking with the things that were being presented by Nuttah. He told me not even to send him links to things in the emails when I made discoveries.

So even though I had come across this document before, I had not mentioned it to Bob, just had “bookmarked” the sites any time I found a reference to them. The document of which I speak, is called, in Lenape, The Walum Olum. In most translations I have found, it means “The Red Record”, but can also be translated as “Red Score” or literally, “Painted Tally”. It is the pictorial story of the migration and history of the early Lenni Lenape:
Here is a brief paragraph that very basically explains its origin that was on this website:

After sifting the evidence as to its authenticity, Brinton concludes: “It is a genuine native production, which was repeated orally to some one indifferently conversant with the Delaware language, who wrote it down to the best of his ability. In its present form. it can, as a whole, lay no claim either to antiquity or to purity of linguistic form. Yet, as an authentic modern version, slightly colored by European teachings, of the ancient tribal traditions, it is well worth preservation and will repay more study in the future than is given it in this volume. The narrator was probably one of the native chiefs or priests, who had spent his life in the Ohio and Indiana towns of the Lenape, and who, though with some knowledge of Christian instruction, preferred the pagan rites, legends, and myths of his ancestors. Probably certain lines and passages were repeated in the archaic form in which they had been handed down for generations.”

I found some passages of it to read to Bob that had to do with the migration, and he started getting a really creepy feeling as I read on. “Yes, that was it…”, he remarked, “That’s what she was showing me.”
I’ll publish these passages in the next post.

January 14, 2011

Event #172: Friday, January 14, 2011

An excerpt of Bob’s email this morning:
I think we had company last night, it is getting hard to tell if I dream it or it happens lately.

Me: What was the dream that you had, re: company?? I’ll trade you your dream for another picture from the snow day. I’ll get one ready. Also, there were changes on the dresser last night. It had to do with the wolves. I wasn’t going to mention that before you told me your “dream”, which I think was a real event and not a dream.  She was there in my (other) ear last night, pretty strongly, and I did notice the dresser change before I went to bed. I don’t know, maybe she is able to influence our dreams now too. I’d still like to hear yours!

These changes occurred the previous evening: January 13

(Ive inserted a picture below of what the dresser changes were)

And then from Bob:
Like I said it could be just a dream. Once again along the creek, her creek, not ours, with puppies. I was being questioned, again about how and why we live the way we do. This is apparently not her idea, but it is coming from the two elder gents or “ancestors”, not sure, maybe both, probably both. I may put the damn fire out and just turn the heat on in the back.

They tell her that her Father would never live this way, that it is not even living, it is meaningless and insulting to the “spirit”, I think the reference was to what we call God. Also insulting to what I believe are lesser spirits, like forest spirits, I think, unclear about that, but Nuttah, all of the clan, seem to relate to the forest, animal spirits on a more personal level. I could be getting that all wrong, or it could be just a dream. It seems like Nuttah wants to understand more about how we live and why we live dead. Her Father loved the flowing waters and the spirits that resided in them, was never far from them. I tried to explain that I  love the water too, but that I have to go away from it in order to live in our society, which was a pretty circular argument since she doesn’t think it is worth living in our society. They call our life dead. I guess the best way to sum up the dream was moving along her creek getting chastised and questioned without having a good defense for our lifestyle. I tried to say how much more comfortable we are and how we live longer and healthier than ever before. Essentially the response was “live for what”? I didn’t have much to say about that. We moved upstream a fair distance to the same point we did last time I dreamed about it. I need to walk up there when the weather is better. There was snow there too.

Can’t remember much more, although that is pretty good for me, normally I can’t remember dreams for more than a minute! Now send me the picture!

And then from me:
I do kind of agree with her, but it is hard to live our lives any other way, in our society’s structure. I don’t agree about you, specifically, but about us, our society. In their terms, I could see how they could perceive this as “dead”. Also, had her people prevailed, they wouldn’t be living that way anymore either. By the way, not a dream, pretty sure you went. Maybe I was there too in my dream, just didn’t realize it! I believe that we are doing what we can to “live” in this society, such as it has been structured around us. Some do it better than others, some are truly walking-dead. Being out here amongst the nature, creek, animals, river, sky, trees, fields, wildflowers… it helps… as does the contact with her. Yet 5 days a week we have to put gas in our vehicles and drive out of here to jobs that rob our spirit. And the myriad of other things we have to do to “live”. She’s right. But tell her we are doing what we can; it’s a process, and we have to work within the confines of what this society has become. I think she may be working on you to “witaeminèn”. [Lenape for “You stay with us.] Agree? Or just put the fire out! I’ll take a walk up there Sunday with you if you want… picture coming, I’m going to take a walk to see if the geese are still there right now though. Need to get out and breath some fresh air.

And the Snow Geese WERE there! Dan & Elaine live adjacent to this field, and Dan emailed to say "They're OUT THERE!" (hard not to know that, they are pretty noisy!)

I have done a little bit of research on people who are living close to nature. The closest you could come to “living their way” is perhaps these two people, who weren’t able to do it forever either:  Dick Proenneke who wrote “Alone in the Wilderness” and Anne LaBastille who wrote the Woodswoman series of books (I’ve read the WoodsWoman books). But there is also this group of people, that live pretty much the way the Lenape did in Nuttah’s era: The Reindeer People. As far as I know, they still live like nomadic tribes in Siberia, and possibly, are the descendants of the long-ago Lenape ancestors before that crossing that Bob was treated to witnessing.

January 12, 2011

Event #171: Wed., January 12, 2011

Email excerts of today:

Dukey plays in the new snowfall

Mine to Bob: Oh, one last thing, related to your question regarding the temp in the bedroom, which was fine. I was outside playing with the puppies and taking some more pictures… I’ll send soon.. and I got a clear message that I better get in there and tend to the stove — the back one, as I hadn’t put any wood on when I came through earlier – 2 hours earlier. So it was a pretty critical moment, as it was just down to the last remaining embers. Interesting. However, it WAS worth the picture attached. (and inserted to the right:)

Bob’s response:
Good, I’m glad she is rude with you too about the fire! How does it come across to you, thought or pictures or urgency or what? It’s not like she can’t help out, must be some restriction about her doing it. Can’t wait to see what happens in the warm weather. I am still getting strong disapproval ratings about our way of life. Back to work.

Mine back to Bob: It comes across to me in the way of a thought, that in the past, I would have just attributed to my own thoughts. This actually happens to me all the time, I get these “thoughts”. I have begun to think that perhaps they sometimes come from “outside of me”, and not from within. This one in particular, it seemed pretty clear, cause I WASN’T thinking about it then. It just seemed to enter my head, and as soon as it did I felt that I should go do it now. That’s why it seemed more clearly than usual to be “driven” by some other force, namely… her. Not me. There is room for doubt, in that I might have unconsciously processed something, and suddenly realized, “oh, woops, forgot to put wood on that stove on the way out…”. But the other option seems just as plausible. I’m going to start to be more conscious of my thoughts and why they pop into my head, cause I’m beginning to believe that this happens more than I am aware. By the way, since Sunday, there have been minor, subtle changes on the dresser with our characters every night.

A quick side-note here that bears mentioning. Over the last weekend, we had shared the blog address with Dan & Elaine. Obviously, since I mentioned their involvement early on (about a year ago at this point), they knew something of what was up, but it had not been an ongoing discussion. At some future date, I hope that the four of us can get together, build a fire outside, sit by the creek, and rehash events. Something in me also believes that Nuttah would support this — bringing people together.

After Dan had read a bit of it, I received this email:
“I was still out shoveling when Len came by to pick up his daughter,  so we had a couple of minutes to chat. [Len is also a former owner of our house — his ex-wife is Cheryl, who I have mentioned before] I didn’t say anything about the blog or your situation but mentioned that I heard he got to meet you guys. I said that his Turtle stained glass (or whatever it was) was pointed out to me awhile back and he said he was really into turtles in that house. He said that the house was filled with living turtles, big ones and small ones that he collected over the years. I think he said he eventually let them go upstream when he left. Interesting parallel, not only because of the turtle tribe, but that Bob has a bunch of live fish around the house and Len had live turtles…”

Len didn't just collect live turtles. Kate found one that looked like this one, long after we had moved in.

I have often wondered about this turtle connection as well with Len and Cheryl when they lived here. We knew about Len and the turtles; Len’s impressive turtle collection was here when we initially looked at the house. Len had turtles everywhere. In fact, we actually found a couple remnants even after Len & Cheryl were gone – not live ones, or remains, but turtle figures. I still wonder if there was some connection, even if it was unconscious.

January 10, 2011

Event #170: Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the weekend, after that Saturday morning incident with Bob, there were no new movements on the dresser or anywhere else. I did record in my notes that just about every time I entered the bedroom, I strongly heard “the hum”.  Remember, I’m still back-posting; at this point I am still not caught up, as the current actual date of today is Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011. I do hope to be caught up by the end of February, and then you, my blog readers, will be treated to events almost as soon as they happen, such as they do continue to happen.

Then Monday morning, I got this email from Bob:

I know Nuttah was downstairs this morning when I was leaving, no “conversation”, just [that she was] there. I feel somewhat awkward now since the weekend, I know we have created a hurtin society but it is pretty hard to not be part of it. I feel like she is disappointed in me, but I don’t know if I can change that. Keep fire going in back if you can.

I did keep the fires going. Later, I noticed that on our dresser, it seemed as if our characters are all moved in a little tighter to Nuttah. Then tonight, I had a major buzz in the ear, like I’ve not heard in awhile.

Tuesday night, I noticed some definite changes in “my” arrangement on the dresser, which I had recorded at the end of the last post, just so I knew how things “stood”. Now Kate is moved in closer to us, and “we” are closed in tight to Nuttah. It is snowing tonight. I have a minor, distant buzz in the ear, as if she is far away.