Event #166: New Year’s Day, Jan. 1

This is an appropriate time to be starting Part VIII (and hard to believe I am), and also, with a very interesting encounter as the newest entry:

“I just had a really weird little ‘chumpy’”, Bob said somberly. “Over in our part of the house.”
“Oh… Uh-huh… and… what was it?” I wondered.
“Hard to say… but she’s… let me just think”, Bob says hesitatingly. He seemed very perturbed and disturbed by this encounter.
“Did you go somewhere?” I asked, trying to be helpful, and nudging him along.
“No.” Bob said shortly.
“Was it WHAT she communicated?” I wanted to know.
“Well, the puppies were there – that’s why Duke kept coming to the door and whining…” Bob started to explain.
“Oh he came in?” I asked about Duke.
“No, he came as far as the door and just started whining at the door.” Bob stated.
“So… was it the nature of what was communicated this time, or was it the way it was communicated?” I asked.
“Well, she was concerned about the fire as usual, cause I was cleaning out the stove… ” Bob continued.
“Oh, it was out?” I asked.
“No, not completely, I left embers in it.” Bob said.
“I was trying to convey what the day meant to us — the New Year. I was visualizing a calendar and trying to visualize cycles of seasons and days – the end of our year. She got it and then she said something that has nothing to do with Lenape. She called it the “Tzolk’in“. I know what Tzolk’in is, the 260 day sacred calendar of the Maya which in no way has any connection with the Lenape. So I couldn’t get why she was saying this. And when she said this she conveyed a very strong feeling of fear as she visualized it. She visualized a small mound with a nasty looking mother fucker on it – in the middle of a sacrifice – an evil celebration. Only she didn’t call them Maya and they weren’t from the Maya area.” Bob explained.
“Where was it?” I wondered.
“It was somewhere in the northern latitude – looked very similar to here.” Bob said. “The mound and the sacrifice – she was very scared by it, she was clearly able to convey this. It was a pyramid shaped mound – not like the mound of the back of a turtle. It was mostly dirt with stone, and it had stairs. It is really weird that she knew the word for the sacred calendar – the 260 day cycle. She was visualizing something that she knows of and had a great fear of.” Bob explained.
“Because her clan does it?” I asked, hoping the answer was no.
“No – some other tribe that she – her people – are not real fond of – they are very fearful of it. This was the same type of fear that I kept experiencing before from her. Back in the fall when I first started picking up this fear. But this wasn’t it, I don’t know what that was. I still haven’t figured that out.” Bob said.
“Do you think this was something she witnessed?” I wondered.
“I don’t know – but she’s not real happy about it.” was Bob’s answer.
“Did this come up because of your explanation of “New Years?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Before I sensed a lot of fear, but I’m trying to figure out why – it’s something that is always present, this fear – almost like she’s afraid that these people are going to invade them.” was Bob’s answer.
“Is it possible that her tribe or clan has just kept that term alive over the years — the Tzolk’in term, I mean?” I wondered.
“I don’t know – I’m thinking, and it’s only because of what I know – the Mound people of the Ohio Valley… they were very war-like and they were influenced by the Mexican-american culture. Maybe that’s what it’s about. And I remember from my little historical jaunt – battles, wars, trying to pass through the territories… but they were also doing this 10-15000 years ago, and they wouldn’t have been there then.” Bob thought.
“Could this be related to any Indian myth or legend that they pass on?” I wondered.
“Well, except that this was a clear and present type of concern – a current one — it did not seem like something from the distant past.” Bob said.

‘Coincidentally’, Bob has, over the years, studied the Maya; their history, customs, beliefs, traditions. He’s read many books about the Maya. So it’s kind of curious to me, that at this point in his life, something about that comes up. And it makes me think about the “no coincidences” aspect of this again. He researched that in the past for a reason, obviously. Only now, the reason is perhaps becoming apparent.


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