Event #167: January 2, 2011

The Mound Builders were Native Americans that built mounds in what was to become Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois and throughout the Plains. I will do more research on these in the future.

The conversation “event” of the previous post has some pretty weird implications, not all of which I feel like considering or taking in today. Bob did elaborate a bit later, and he said that this is what he has been afraid of. That the fear he has been picking up for quite some time now, that has been present since late last summer (and now is almost always there) has a meaning that he is finally able to pick up. Also, he mentioned again the strange parallels with the book [Entangled] that we are reading. It prompted me to ask the direct question which I guess is what we are both thinking about:
“So do you think that you are going to be called back in time to “fix” something, or “redirect” something or attempt to cause something to happen differently than it did?” I wondered. And Bob remembered her words of a few weeks ago too… “I will only take you back now when it is necessary… not when I don’t have to.” She indicated also that these “trips” could be doing some damage. What kind of damage? Cellular? What?

But I have some other questions. I wondered why this did not come out until New Year’s Day:
“Did it take you explaining what New Year’s is about to us for her to divulge this information? Could she not have told you that awhile back? Why now?”

“I don’t know.” was the answer. Bob continued, “When I was trying to explain what yesterday [New Year’s] was, she gave a corresponding response – another kind of  year-end ‘celebration’. But it also brought up fear. There was the ‘mound’ with a nasty-looking  asshole on it in the midst of a sacrifice, of probably what was a prisoner. But the surrounding environment was not Central America [where Bob thought it should have been to make sense], it was a more northern latitude, maybe Ohio? But I don’t know that – I don’t know anything.”

And then during the night, Bob got up to feed the fire – it was 4:30 in the morning, and we’d last put logs on it  before going to bed around midnight, and he found a brand new log keeping the fire going.


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