Event #168: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When I spoke to Bob from work tonight, he said that when he came up to our bedroom  that Joe “Yowled & ran”.
“He just yowled, and took off – bolted”.
“Is there anything going on?” I wondered.
“No, not that I can see, but remember, it’s TV light in here.” Bob stated.
“So you didn’t notice anything different?” I asked.
“No, but I’m not really looking.” was Bob’s answer.
“What about you… do you look different to him? You know how he gets sometimes, he thinks you’re someone else. Like those times you sat having ‘conversations’ with Nuttah… Joe always perceived you differently afterwards… is there any communication going on?” I wondered.
“No”, Bob chuckled. “I’m pretty sure I look the same. I think I see him peering around the doorway now. He might be on his way back.”

I was thinking while Bob was telling me this that it reminded me of the “old days” of Nuttah, when something in the room moved around, Joe freaked out, and I would come home to some kind of change in the room… so I was 100% sure that I would come home to a change. In fact, it almost seemed like she might have been in the room right then and there, and these things had just happened.

This is the way the characters on the dresser were before tonight.

So it was a long ride home, with me wondering what I would be coming home to. And just as a reminder, I will insert here a picture of what the dresser did look like —  Have to go back to Part vii for that, as I’m now in Part viii. And here is the old bureau picture to the right, and for now I will just have to describe the changes, as I can’t get a picture ‘til the morning. There are so many of them that I don’t know where to start, and I’m not really sure what sparked it. Nuttah is to my left in that picture here; she now sits to my right. Bob is moved in closer to me, Kate is tighter to him, and lined up in front of all of us are 4 heart shapes pointing at us. All of the green sprigs are moved to the right of Nuttah, as well as the white feather. There had been two turtles inside her original jewelry turtle. Now there was only one, the wooden one, and the pewter one was missing. In its place was Bob’s stone, which had been on his bedside table. And where was the pewter turtle? I looked all over the bureau, and could not find it. Looked on both of our bedside tables – no turtle. Went in the bathroom, and opened the closet – and there it was, where I have also sometimes found a live sprig. This time though? A pewter turtle. Go figure. I’m at a loss to explain all of these changes. Maybe I will find out tonight. As Bob always says, “There is nothing that she does that is without meaning.”


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