Event #168a: Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Excerpts of our emails the next day about Event #168:
Bob: I suspect we had activity last night. I was having some extremely vivid dreams of the creek, sweat lodge and longhouses last night. I woke up and had company, there is a connection between fire, sweat lodge and ancestors/history. I guess that is why our fire is important. I should have put that together sooner.  I also see where the creek is at her place in relation to our house, at least at this point the egde is about where the bathroom is, there was some sort of “altar” or at least a few items placed at the edge as an “offering”, I think. The most prominent was a turtle shell. Of course this might simply be a dream, including being awake, I might have dreamed that also. But Joe was initially freaked out when I came up and then calmed back down, maybe his need for routine overrode his fear. Did you have any awareness of Nuttah being around? I get concerned when I don’t hear from her. Like I said, I don’t know if this was strictly dream or not, there was also something to do with the “meteor stone” in the offering arrangement, whatever, the more I think of it the more I think it was a normal dream.

The pewter turtle is in the linen closet now (the teabag? Sometimes I grab a tea bag to take to work, and then empty my pockets in here later - obviously I didn't use it.)

Me: No, I wouldn’t disregard it. I knew when you told me about Joe that I’d be coming home to a new arrangement on the dresser. And sure enough. It’s the most changes I’ve seen in a long time — the biggest ones being the weighty-pewter turtle is in the bathroom closet, and your meteor stone is moved to the center of her turtle on the dresser. The grouping of us is changed around as well as my plant sprigs for her. We all have a “heart” pointing at us — all 4 of us there on the dresser.

Each character has a "heart" pointed at us, along with the other changes

The "Turtle on the Dresser" now has Bob's "Meteor-Stone" as part of it

I sensed “something” when I closed my eyes, swirling, motion… thought I would have a vision, but I also was really tired, and I think I was asleep in minutes. It’s the closest that I’ve come to a vision in a couple months I think. Got up to go to the bathroom and had it again. Sound-wise, the hum/vibration was very distant, dim. I thought she’d be there after the dresser changes, so I listened carefully. At first it wasn’t there at all, but then I could hear it dimly, far away, not like sometimes it is, sounding like a motor under the bed. So I think that you might have actually had an excursion, and it was not a dream. Think more about the fire connection, and what you remember there.

Bob: The turtle in the bathroom closet is interesting, that, I think, is the edge of the creek, also where the offerings were set, I think I saw nuts, maybe chestnuts or something like that. Those red berries were there as well as what I think was dried squash and corn???, not real clear about that. Some other things like ornaments, I think. It is dark and only fire light to “see” with. The fire connection to the sweat lodge and history makes sense now. It is integral to the experience. Something to ponder.


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