Event #171: Wed., January 12, 2011

Email excerts of today:

Dukey plays in the new snowfall

Mine to Bob: Oh, one last thing, related to your question regarding the temp in the bedroom, which was fine. I was outside playing with the puppies and taking some more pictures… I’ll send soon.. and I got a clear message that I better get in there and tend to the stove — the back one, as I hadn’t put any wood on when I came through earlier – 2 hours earlier. So it was a pretty critical moment, as it was just down to the last remaining embers. Interesting. However, it WAS worth the picture attached. (and inserted to the right:)

Bob’s response:
Good, I’m glad she is rude with you too about the fire! How does it come across to you, thought or pictures or urgency or what? It’s not like she can’t help out, must be some restriction about her doing it. Can’t wait to see what happens in the warm weather. I am still getting strong disapproval ratings about our way of life. Back to work.

Mine back to Bob: It comes across to me in the way of a thought, that in the past, I would have just attributed to my own thoughts. This actually happens to me all the time, I get these “thoughts”. I have begun to think that perhaps they sometimes come from “outside of me”, and not from within. This one in particular, it seemed pretty clear, cause I WASN’T thinking about it then. It just seemed to enter my head, and as soon as it did I felt that I should go do it now. That’s why it seemed more clearly than usual to be “driven” by some other force, namely… her. Not me. There is room for doubt, in that I might have unconsciously processed something, and suddenly realized, “oh, woops, forgot to put wood on that stove on the way out…”. But the other option seems just as plausible. I’m going to start to be more conscious of my thoughts and why they pop into my head, cause I’m beginning to believe that this happens more than I am aware. By the way, since Sunday, there have been minor, subtle changes on the dresser with our characters every night.

A quick side-note here that bears mentioning. Over the last weekend, we had shared the blog address with Dan & Elaine. Obviously, since I mentioned their involvement early on (about a year ago at this point), they knew something of what was up, but it had not been an ongoing discussion. At some future date, I hope that the four of us can get together, build a fire outside, sit by the creek, and rehash events. Something in me also believes that Nuttah would support this — bringing people together.

After Dan had read a bit of it, I received this email:
“I was still out shoveling when Len came by to pick up his daughter,  so we had a couple of minutes to chat. [Len is also a former owner of our house — his ex-wife is Cheryl, who I have mentioned before] I didn’t say anything about the blog or your situation but mentioned that I heard he got to meet you guys. I said that his Turtle stained glass (or whatever it was) was pointed out to me awhile back and he said he was really into turtles in that house. He said that the house was filled with living turtles, big ones and small ones that he collected over the years. I think he said he eventually let them go upstream when he left. Interesting parallel, not only because of the turtle tribe, but that Bob has a bunch of live fish around the house and Len had live turtles…”

Len didn't just collect live turtles. Kate found one that looked like this one, long after we had moved in.

I have often wondered about this turtle connection as well with Len and Cheryl when they lived here. We knew about Len and the turtles; Len’s impressive turtle collection was here when we initially looked at the house. Len had turtles everywhere. In fact, we actually found a couple remnants even after Len & Cheryl were gone – not live ones, or remains, but turtle figures. I still wonder if there was some connection, even if it was unconscious.


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