Event #172: Friday, January 14, 2011

An excerpt of Bob’s email this morning:
I think we had company last night, it is getting hard to tell if I dream it or it happens lately.

Me: What was the dream that you had, re: company?? I’ll trade you your dream for another picture from the snow day. I’ll get one ready. Also, there were changes on the dresser last night. It had to do with the wolves. I wasn’t going to mention that before you told me your “dream”, which I think was a real event and not a dream.  She was there in my (other) ear last night, pretty strongly, and I did notice the dresser change before I went to bed. I don’t know, maybe she is able to influence our dreams now too. I’d still like to hear yours!

These changes occurred the previous evening: January 13

(Ive inserted a picture below of what the dresser changes were)

And then from Bob:
Like I said it could be just a dream. Once again along the creek, her creek, not ours, with puppies. I was being questioned, again about how and why we live the way we do. This is apparently not her idea, but it is coming from the two elder gents or “ancestors”, not sure, maybe both, probably both. I may put the damn fire out and just turn the heat on in the back.

They tell her that her Father would never live this way, that it is not even living, it is meaningless and insulting to the “spirit”, I think the reference was to what we call God. Also insulting to what I believe are lesser spirits, like forest spirits, I think, unclear about that, but Nuttah, all of the clan, seem to relate to the forest, animal spirits on a more personal level. I could be getting that all wrong, or it could be just a dream. It seems like Nuttah wants to understand more about how we live and why we live dead. Her Father loved the flowing waters and the spirits that resided in them, was never far from them. I tried to explain that I  love the water too, but that I have to go away from it in order to live in our society, which was a pretty circular argument since she doesn’t think it is worth living in our society. They call our life dead. I guess the best way to sum up the dream was moving along her creek getting chastised and questioned without having a good defense for our lifestyle. I tried to say how much more comfortable we are and how we live longer and healthier than ever before. Essentially the response was “live for what”? I didn’t have much to say about that. We moved upstream a fair distance to the same point we did last time I dreamed about it. I need to walk up there when the weather is better. There was snow there too.

Can’t remember much more, although that is pretty good for me, normally I can’t remember dreams for more than a minute! Now send me the picture!

And then from me:
I do kind of agree with her, but it is hard to live our lives any other way, in our society’s structure. I don’t agree about you, specifically, but about us, our society. In their terms, I could see how they could perceive this as “dead”. Also, had her people prevailed, they wouldn’t be living that way anymore either. By the way, not a dream, pretty sure you went. Maybe I was there too in my dream, just didn’t realize it! I believe that we are doing what we can to “live” in this society, such as it has been structured around us. Some do it better than others, some are truly walking-dead. Being out here amongst the nature, creek, animals, river, sky, trees, fields, wildflowers… it helps… as does the contact with her. Yet 5 days a week we have to put gas in our vehicles and drive out of here to jobs that rob our spirit. And the myriad of other things we have to do to “live”. She’s right. But tell her we are doing what we can; it’s a process, and we have to work within the confines of what this society has become. I think she may be working on you to “witaeminèn”. [Lenape for “You stay with us.] Agree? Or just put the fire out! I’ll take a walk up there Sunday with you if you want… picture coming, I’m going to take a walk to see if the geese are still there right now though. Need to get out and breath some fresh air.

And the Snow Geese WERE there! Dan & Elaine live adjacent to this field, and Dan emailed to say "They're OUT THERE!" (hard not to know that, they are pretty noisy!)

I have done a little bit of research on people who are living close to nature. The closest you could come to “living their way” is perhaps these two people, who weren’t able to do it forever either:  Dick Proenneke who wrote “Alone in the Wilderness” and Anne LaBastille who wrote the Woodswoman series of books (I’ve read the WoodsWoman books). But there is also this group of people, that live pretty much the way the Lenape did in Nuttah’s era: The Reindeer People. As far as I know, they still live like nomadic tribes in Siberia, and possibly, are the descendants of the long-ago Lenape ancestors before that crossing that Bob was treated to witnessing.


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