Event #173: January 15-18, 2011

Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011: Last night, I am pretty sure she was there. Maybe even showing me some visions, did I get it? Wolf eyes? Wolf heads. (Had a wolf dream also Thurs. into Friday morning). Others visions too perhaps… bare barren land, snow covered, at the edge of something with a great body of water. I saw nothing except the land and the water though, broken, jagged coastline, very rough. Far north, cold, snow covered everywhere. This vision came to me a number of times. I was awake for it. I was awake again from about 3 to 5 am.

Monday, January 17, 2011: There really is not much going on right now. In between now and Saturday, Bob has only reported that he gets from her the message to keep the fire going. She nudges him or reminds him… “I don’t want to get any grief”, as he puts it.

Then tonight, when I talked to Bob from work, he mentioned that there was a passage in the book “Entangled” that really hit home with him, and I’ve typed it here:

“But the excellent thing is you are somehow able to communicate with her – that’s difficult you know. I don’t think you realize how difficult it is – not only to talk to matter from spirit but also to do it across the time barrier.”

Then Tuesday night, Bob and I were talking and we were just kind of musing on the events of the past month. Bob could not get rid of that image in his head that he had been “shown” of the mound ceremony. He asked me, “See if you can find something on a split in the migration, one group goes one way, one another. South, or east. And the mounds.”

A picture from the Walum Olum - this picture is translated: "After the rushing waters (had subsided) the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there".

This actually sparked a memory in me of something I had found early on in some of my research of the Lenape people. I did not tell Bob at the time, because as he was always saying, “Don’t tell me, I don’t want it to influence what I’m being shown/told by Nuttah.” Bob did not want to do any internet searching himself, or read any of the things that I found, so as not to confuse his thinking with the things that were being presented by Nuttah. He told me not even to send him links to things in the emails when I made discoveries.

So even though I had come across this document before, I had not mentioned it to Bob, just had “bookmarked” the sites any time I found a reference to them. The document of which I speak, is called, in Lenape, The Walum Olum. In most translations I have found, it means “The Red Record”, but can also be translated as “Red Score” or literally, “Painted Tally”. It is the pictorial story of the migration and history of the early Lenni Lenape:
Here is a brief paragraph that very basically explains its origin that was on this website:

After sifting the evidence as to its authenticity, Brinton concludes: “It is a genuine native production, which was repeated orally to some one indifferently conversant with the Delaware language, who wrote it down to the best of his ability. In its present form. it can, as a whole, lay no claim either to antiquity or to purity of linguistic form. Yet, as an authentic modern version, slightly colored by European teachings, of the ancient tribal traditions, it is well worth preservation and will repay more study in the future than is given it in this volume. The narrator was probably one of the native chiefs or priests, who had spent his life in the Ohio and Indiana towns of the Lenape, and who, though with some knowledge of Christian instruction, preferred the pagan rites, legends, and myths of his ancestors. Probably certain lines and passages were repeated in the archaic form in which they had been handed down for generations.”

I found some passages of it to read to Bob that had to do with the migration, and he started getting a really creepy feeling as I read on. “Yes, that was it…”, he remarked, “That’s what she was showing me.”
I’ll publish these passages in the next post.


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