Event #173a: January 18, 2011

I’m inserting here a “Place-holding” post. I started to look into that document, the “Walam Olum”, and it proved to be an exercise in continual research, which would delay the posting of the rest of January for too long. So, what I am going to do for now, is just mention it, and I will get back at some future time to finish this post up so that I do it justice. I’m running into a lot of questions about the authenticity of the document, and I want to know what I am posting before I just throw it up there and imply that it is fact. What I do know, and what Bob is becoming more increasingly aware of, is that the Lenape were a people of incredible oral traditions, with an oral history that was passed on between generations, over many years. So it is quite possible, that although it was never “officially” written down, that at some point in time someone did come along who made a written document out of what had been this oral tradition over what appears to be the many thousands of years. So, moving on, I’m going to finish all of the back-posting, get current with events, and then come back to this after I’ve spent some time with it…


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