Event #174: Wed., January 19, 2011

I received this in part of an email from Bob:
Physics is truly starting to prove things are not what they seem. Past/present/future are all one. Consciousness is not, apparently confined to the brain; the brain is more a filter. Problem is our material scientific mind set doesn’t allow our physicists to acknowledge that, they would be ostracized, but there are more and more drawing this conclusion.

I have also reported to Bob that  I’m hearing the buzz again fairly regularly, after seemingly not hearing it for quite awhile.

An actual picture of the fire burning in our "Back-of-the-house" wood stove

Then that night, when I spoke to Bob from work, he said this,

“Soon as I came in, it was like walking into a wall; BOOM; there she was. And Joe is all freaked out. I picked up from her an overwhelming concern.

My first order of duty was to tend to the stoves, that was pretty clear. Before I did anything else, even letting the dogs out. It was just a strong concern that the fire stays going. I am NOT doing this in the summer though, this is not going to become some sort of eternal flame.” Bob stated emphatically.

“Does she get that?” I wondered.

Bob’s response was “I don’t know what she understands about that.”

“When did that become a ‘thing’ that they could use to ‘see’ us?”, I asked.

“I don’t know, I just know that it is. I was hit like a ton of bricks when I walked in, whomp. It was down to barely embers, so it was pretty critical.” Bob said again.

“I know, and we’re using a lot of wood. We haven’t heard much from Nuttah lately, did you get a sense of what is going on with her?” again, me wondering.

“No, not really. Just major concern for the fire. And not letting it go out.” Bob responded.

“What do they see?” I asked.

“Well, anything they see, they don’t seem to like – they think that I am an asshole.” Bob said resignedly.

“Can you see her?” I asked.

“No, but I can sure feel it. It was just like “boom”; she was torqued.” Bob said with emphasis.

“Maybe they have made it her ‘responsibility’; maybe the ancestors/elders have somehow made it her ‘job’ to make sure that we understand that the fire be kept going…? I suggested.

“Well, I suppose that’s possible, but I am trying to make it clear to her that this WILL NOT be happening in the summer; I will not keep a fire going then, she’s going to have to come up with some other method for those ancestors. By the way, she really pissed Joe off, he is flipped out; howling and yowling downstairs. He was talking like a madman.” Bob continued.

I then wondered out loud why, since she has seemingly done it before, Nuttah can’t keep our fire going? Maybe the elders/ancestors have told her that that is interfering too much. Maybe you can go too far with it. Maybe they are afraid of the house burning down. Last weekend, I dragged Bob with me to the local home center store to pick up a fire-proof box to store our important papers, “just in case.”


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