Event #177: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I’m not sure what to make of this, as Bob did not mention it when we talked on the phone earlier. And it seems pretty odd that he wouldn’t, if it had happened before then. So, until I hear from him tomorrow, I can only guess that this happened after we talked. I came in tonight from work, and went around to do my usual “checks” upstairs, that I still do out of habit. The characters on the bureau. The bedside tables. The ducks. The bathroom closet. All the spots where things have “happened”. And the only thing that I initially noticed tonight was something missing. On Bob’s bedside table, the notebook was missing. If he hadn’t been asleep, I would have opened the drawer to see if he put it away. I was a little sad, noticing this, as I thought that maybe he put it away since it had been so long since something had happened requiring writing in the notebook. So… perhaps that chapter was closed so to speak. So I went about my business getting changed, putting away my jewelry, etc. and I went back downstairs to the living-room below our bedroom and glanced over to the wood stove, which was burning nicely. I had already stopped and added new wood, before I went upstairs. But now, observing it from this angle, I saw something I had not seen before – it was the notebook down here, and it had writing in it. The pen was with it too. It sat on the coffee table in front of the stove and the couch, as if Bob had been sitting there writing, and had just laid the notebook down, unless… Nuttah moved the book down here after she “visited”.

A scan of the notebook page that I found open downstairs

I picked it up and sat on the couch to read what was on the open page. I had trouble deciphering the writing, even though it all appeared to be in English. It was a combination of the lack of light, and the writing itself, but I believe what it said is this:

They see what they need – [?? word?]
Fire – no need  for now
Sad/Angry With/at
Live – non-life
Can live again with us
This my life – I have responsibility here
You respect that – I cannot leave / Elders  respect

Obviously, this appears to be a commentary on previous recent episodes where she has commented on how we live our lives. But I guess I will have to wait until Bob elaborates on it tomorrow. I’m curious about when this happened and how the notebook got downstairs. So I went to my computer and wrote Bob this email for the next morning:

“Did you have an encounter last night you forgot to tell me about? Or did it happen after I hung up with you? Or did you think it was a dream?”

And Bob’s reply: I meant to see if the tablet was downstairs this morning, forgot THREE times. Wasn’t sure if I dreamed it or not. Slept like a rock afterwards apparently. I was awakened at some point before 10:30, I think. Was told I did not have to keep the fire going all the time, at least for now. They have seen what they need, for now. This is no life at all. “You can come live as a true man, original man”.

I “said”: I cannot abandon my responsibility here, she would not, nor would the elders respect that if I did. I am kind of worried, if this happened, I believe I wrote it on the pad downstairs, Nuttah disappeared in a flash after I “said” what I said. I don’t know if she was angry or what, but it was different than normal. I don’t know what it means.

And my email back to Bob: How did the tablet get downstairs? Did you have the conversation down there? That’s where I found it. I wasn’t sure if she brought it down there after you “talked” or if you sat there talking. Which means she got you up out of bed? So she disappeared in a flash, how does it usually end?

Bob’s email: I believe I took it down when she got me up because I thought it was going to be an important dialogue. I’m kind of worried about the way it ended. Very unusual, not sure how to describe, almost a snap, or flash (of anger maybe). I don’t know, just know it is different and I did not have a good sense about it.

Mine to Bob: If it’s any consolation, I heard the buzz last night, like I usually hear it, also in bed.

And now me just narrating: I’m kind of feeling sad about what happened last night – there seems to be some finality to it from what Bob wrote in his email; I hope I’m just reading that into it. Today, as I work at my desk, I have Nuttah sitting here also – her character – and she is flanked by 2 of the Oaxacan rabbits, however it was me that brought her over here.


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