Event #177a: January 28-31, 2011

A picture from the internet of the heart-shaped petaled "Evening Primrose"

Excerpts of email: I just came across an interesting comment I made in the journal back in November, and I never followed up on ’til just now. A thought had come to me that perhaps the plants that Nuttah was leaving for me had some medicinal qualities to them. But I never looked that up. Three or four times though, she brought the one I eventually identified as Evening Primrose and I decided to pursue the medicinal angle since I’m about to post it now. Here is something I found:

This plant was a staple food for many Native American tribes. The leaves are cooked and eaten as greens and the roots are said to be sweet succulent and delicious when boiled like potatoes.

The date I took this picture was 10-8-10, when a large sprig of it was to show up here on my bedside table

Formerly cultivated for its nutritious edible roots, it is being increasingly cultivated for the oil contained in its seeds which contains the essential gamma-linoleinc acid (GLA), a very valuable fatty acid that is not found in many plants and has numerous vital functions in the body. GLA is an essential fatty acid that the body does not manufacture. This fatty acid is known to help prevent hardening of the arteries, heart disease, eczema, cirrhosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and high blood pressure, and aids in lowering cholesterol levels. Nuttah has left this plant on 4 separate occasions. And twice, a small sprig of it was left in the closet right next to where I keep the supplements I take that are “theoretically” supposed to lower cholesterol, however, so far with not much success. I’d like to look up some of the qualities of the other plants that she left, however, not all of them were identified with 100% certainty, with the exception of this Primrose, and the Arrowhead plant from back in the summer.

And Bob’s response: Hmmmm…coincidence. Lowering cholesterol, nothing to see here, move along, purely coincidence.

Me: I KNOW!! Maybe I should add some evening primrose oil to my remedy routine. hmmmmm… other cardiovascular benefits as well. Now I have to look up the other plants. We already know what I did with the arrowhead plant. I sent you another email showing something I found out about the medicinal and edible qualities of that one plant Nuttah had brought several examples of. She is moved over to be closer to you by the way; I had left everyone standing apart, just to see if she would do something, and now, your character’s  sticking out arm is touching her.

Then on January 31st:

Bob: I think I will not hear from Nuttah, hard to say that.

Me: Well, after all this work and effort, I don’t think she is going to leave you alone for good. I am still getting a buzzzzzz, but perhaps now it is permanent.

Bob: I know she will maintain “the rope” between you and her, but I am a major disappointment to her and all involved. I am disappointed at my loss.

Me: Don’t give up hope, she’ll be back.


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