Event #178: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Bob is Missing”

Tonight, Bob sounded really depressed on the phone, but I knew better than to ask about “her”. He is really concerned, and he thinks that she has left [him]. He feels that the event that happened the last time they “communicated” was final. “She left in a very final way, like a door slammed.” was how he said it. And yet, 4 days ago, on the 27th, she moved her character over to be closer to Bob. Monday, when I left for work, I wanted to arrange everybody closer together, in a classic “Nuttah” configuration, with hearts pointing at us, etc. But I was afraid that Bob would come home Monday night and think that she had visited, and I didn’t want to unnecessarily get Bob’s hopes up. All I was really trying to do was to get Nuttah to rearrange things “her” way. My actions often would spark new actions on her part. But I didn’t want to disappoint Bob and have to tell him it was me doing it, and not her. I know he is pretty desperate at this point for some contact, however, I am still getting the buzz in my ear every night. The way Bob describes this, is that I still have a “connection”. The “thread” is connected to me. He feels that with him, it has been severed, and that he is at fault for that. Although, I am at a loss to explain or understand why it would be severed with Bob and not me too. Aren’t we in this together? Anyway, back to what I did on the dresser. So rather than disappoint Bob, I put everyone in the drawer. The same drawer I have used all the other times that I have had to put “us” away. I also put all the hearts in a small box, and her stone in it too. I arranged things with Bob to the far right, Nuttah next, and then me, and then Kate, and then the wolves. We were all touching. I spoke to Bob at work Monday night, and I asked him if anyone was out on the dresser – we were not. He was depressed, I could tell. Then this morning, when I left for work, I adjusted everyone in the drawer, to make sure we were all face up, Nuttah was between us, Bob’s arm was touching her… and when Bob and I spoke on the phone tonight, I did not even ask if there was a change on the dresser – and, as I discovered when I got home, there wasn’t. However, I opened the drawer to check on us, and there is an obvious and glaring change in the drawer: Bob is gone. His character is not in there. I looked everywhere for him. I’m there, Nuttah is there, Kate is there – but no Bob. He isn’t in any of the obvious places in the room either, like our bedside tables, or even in the bedside table drawers. A true mystery. But maybe this explains Bob’s mood on the phone earlier. Perhaps he knows something that I don’t?


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