Event #179: February 4, 2011

On my desk, next to my keyboard - and a heart was turned to point at me

I had been keeping all of “us” in the drawer, so as not to depress Bob, and also, to see if she’d be motivated to “bring us out” as she had in the past. But every night, I’ve opened the drawer when I get home, and except for the fact that Bob is still missing (“Probably threw me in the creek so I could drown again”) there has been no change. So last night, I decided to try something. Every night that I come home, I spend some time sitting here at my computer. It used to be to update these events, but since there hasn’t been much of that lately, I work on updating this blog and trying to bring it up to current day, and/or a new blog that I have also started to showcase my photos. So last night was no different, except that I brought Nuttah and “me” down (with the big floral heart also) to sit beside me at my desk. Okay, I felt, if you’re not doing anything in our room, maybe you’ll join me down there? It’s not like nothing has ever happened at my desk before – little sprigs of flowers, a rabbit suddenly appearing to sit with me… so, that is what I did. I pointed the heart at Nuttah. And this morning, as I just noticed, the heart points at ME! It is a very deliberate turn towards “me”, my character on the desk. Photo included. I set one of the rabbits next to her too. So she does visit me here. The sound I continue to hear every night upstairs (last night really loud in my ear as I went to bed) is not in my imagination, and perhaps does indicate that she is still “with me”. On a side note, I slept so late this morning that I managed to let the fire burn out in the stove on our side of the house. But she didn’t wake me up to take care of that. It kept upstairs in the 70’s though, even with a temperature of 8 degrees during the night.


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