Event #181: Later on Sun., Feb. 6, 2011

Later on Sunday night: Tonight, we went over to Dan & Elaine’s; we have what has become an annual tradition of watching the SuperBowl together. Yay! Green Bay won! Hoo ooh! And when I came home (Bob had left earlier due to having to get up at 4 a.m.), I went upstairs just to let him know I’d arrived home safely. Bob was still awake, and asked me about two little “stalks” on my bedside table lamp-base. “Oh, the berries, you mean?” (They are still there from back on December 11)

“No.” was the answer, “These thin little green stalks.” Bob said.

“WHAT?!” I asked, running over to turn on the light and check it out.

“Oh!… what are these!?”, I exclaimed, trying to pick up these thin little anemic stalks as carefully as I could so as not to break or damage them. I brought them up to under the light, close to the bulb.

“Wow”… I exclaimed. “They’re alive.”

“What are they?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know… but they’re green, and they were growing – they look like sprouts. Some kind of green sprout. Let me check the closet too.” But there was nothing new in the closet. Just these 2 very small, thin, fragile beyond belief green sprouts. I delicately and as carefully as I could placed them in some water, and I have them down here on the desk with me. I suppose that she could have gotten these from inside our house—after all, I do have plants growing all over the place – INSIDE. If that was the case, these would have to be a seed that germinated that had been laying dormant in one of the pots.

My email about it Feb. 7th: What do you think of those plant pieces? (left on my lamp-base) They didn’t fare real well overnight — not well at all. And I wonder if maybe they came out of something downstairs, you know, some little sprout that’s growing out of a stray seed. But is it possible that they did something no one knows about, and somehow had hot-houses?

Bob: What do you mean by the sprouts coming from downstairs? Like growing in the living room?

This picture is very similar to the 2 sprouts that were left on my lamp-base

Me: By the sprouts coming from downstairs, I just mean that they could be growing out of any one of the pots we have brought inside — they could even be sunflower sprouts growing in the basement in one of the outdoor (now indoor) plants. Either way, it is cute!

Bob: I suppose that is possible, are they too far gone to revive?

Me: Yes, too far gone to revive. This is the same thing that happens when I pull them out of the ground. They fade right away and are not revivable. Even in water, they look pretty bad this morning. But, I’m guessing there are more where these came from. But maybe they did grow winter sprouts! Wouldn’t that be something.

Now me just narrating: I was never able to find any sprout in any of my potted plants that looked similar to this. They faded very rapidly, and I was never able to get a good picture of them. However, here is a picture I grabbed from the internet of one that looked relatively similar to what had been laying there, before they began to wilt and fade.


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