Event #182: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011

I had a dream overnight that was so much like a vision or some kind of experience that I just have to log it here as an “event”. Although, Bob has reported some “dreams” that were in fact visitations from Nuttah, so regardless of dream or event I will report it. It started with me and Bob, and we were both in the bed, and I thought that I noticed something in the room move. I said to Bob, “Did you see that, over there, look, I swear I saw something move.” We both looked in the direction of the TV, which now sat on a table with legs, rather than on the dresser it does sit on. I thought I had seen a very small figure dash from the right to the left under the table, and as I was describing it to Bob, there it was again, clearly a small little being, running underneath this table. Then Bob saw it too. “There! Did you see it then?” “Yeah”, he says as he sits up more and now the being is over by the window (the same window that figured into our “Early Days” events that looked out onto the work being done. The being, a girl or young woman, now sat over there; she was doing something, I couldn’t tell what, just that she was there, and Bob and I were both sitting up in the bed now watching intently. Then I started to see something begin to happen, and it started just as creeping streams of smoke, and then a dark orange flame joined the smoke, and it was behind her, but creeping up around the furniture, and the closet over there, and I started to get up to address it so that our house didn’t burn down, but Bob stopped me. “Don’t,” he said, “It’s not real, it’s not really happening, it’s just a vision – we’re seeing something.” He said. “Is it her?” I wondered. “Yeah, I think so.”

There wasn’t much else to this vision, just the being, and the fire, and the clarity of the “vision”. But then in a later awake state, I was “delivered” yet again, another image. I always want to say “delivered” because these visions so clearly seem to “come to me” from somewhere else. There is no logic to them, no association with anything else that is going on in my head, and sometimes, the clarity of them is such that I feel like I am looking at this thing in real life. However, I cannot say that I can always identify what I’m being shown.

The knees & hands of an old Lenape man, credit to Native Stock Pictures (Nativestock.com)

This one looked like somebody’s knees, as if they were kneeling. It was just the rounded part of the knees, which were covered in buckskin and possibly, the hands resting on the knees. I think the hands were gnarly and wrinkled, definitely a darker skin color, but the gnarled-ness may have actually been the fabric all wrinkled up too, but it did seem more like the hands. And that was it. It was brief, it was clear, and it was a flash, and gone just like that. I do try to zero in on more, or hold it there longer to see more, but that is never up to me. Then, when I got up this morning, I heard the buzz/hum in my ear in the room for the first time in a while. She has not been around much of late, and has more or less “abandoned” Bob (that’s how he describes it) altogether, ever since their last encounter in the living room, and since Bob’s character is missing in action.

I forgot to mention that before that vision popped in, I’d been getting a couple flashes in the darkness of my “closed-eye” vision of the bright star that I’ve come to interpret as her presence.

When I went up to the bedroom later, I heard the buzz-sound, but it sounded really distant and far away; it sounded like an airplane flying outside but far away. As I focused in on that sound though, it seemed to come closer to me (or become more apparent) and by the time I was finished in the bedroom it was again right in my ear, as I’m used to hearing it.


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