Event #182a: Later on Sat., Feb.12

Saturday night, Bob had planned for us an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, which this year falls on a Monday. Bob planned dinner out at one of our all-time favorite places. We were having a very enjoyable dinner and at some point, I was telling Bob about the dream and the vision of the previous evening. Bob immediately recognized my description of the kneeling buckskins with the gnarled hands as one of the elders: “The older one, that’s not from here. That’s exactly how he sits”, Bob confirmed. I felt somewhat validated. I can’t always validate or verify these visions that I have as anything in particular, so it was a relief in a way that this one meant something. However, what that meaning is, I don’t know. Just a picture for me to view.

I know that Bob has been feeling ignored by Nuttah, “abandoned”, as he puts it. I have tried to keep assuring him that she would not have gone to all this effort and work, and simply “up and abandoned” him this far into it. I only base that on what I’ve seen over the past year. What else is there? It hardly seems likely that she would just “leave” him. And, after all, there is still some “contact” with me. I think that she will “get over it”, eventually. That’s what I keep telling Bob, but of course he has his doubts. There is something, however, going on with Bob that he divulged to me tonight at dinner, and that I witnessed, but I am not at liberty at this point in time to say what it is. Perhaps at some future time, but I have to leave that up to Bob, and I understand his reticence. A lot of this is pretty hard to absorb, and it is not just anyone that we tell about it. In fact, just tonight, I have added to the blog a poll. It sits in the right-hand column, if you scroll down far enough. The poll question is: “Do you believe Nuttah is a real person in her time?” Feel free to answer with the options I’ve provided, or write in your own. I appreciate the feedback.

Tonight (coincidentally on Valentine's Day), Bob has a heart on his lamp-base

Then later on Monday, February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day!):
Something happened today/tonight, that I noticed when I came home from work. Bob has a heart on his lamp-base! This is the first thing that’s officially happened “to” Bob, since his character got turned to the wall, and then disappeared. He didn’t believe me at first, so I sent him this picture in an email. That’s his clock-radio in the bottom front. So, she apparently has not totally abandoned Bob. And as soon as I get a moment, I am going to give us all new characters — 2-sided characters. On one side, will be the people that we are today – Bob & Lois. And then on the other side, I will find a Lenape character to represent us in that era. Just curious to see how she will “play” with the new dolls…. got to get busy. Please answer the new poll. I figured that out tonight, and it took some doing. Thank you!


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