Event #190: Thursday night, Feb. 24, 2011

A couple of new changes on the dresser: the wolves and the meteor-stone

I’m skipping ahead here to a recent event, because I came home to it last night. I’m pretty close to being caught up, so we’ll just fill in the rest as time allows. I’ve been anxious to post the new stuff too. Bob had reported Joe being all out-of-sorts, scurrying from one hiding place to another when Bob came up to the bedroom, so I pretty much knew that something was going on. I looked around when I got home later, and the first thing I checked was the bureau. A couple things were different, and I’ve included a picture to the left.

One of the stones shaped like a heart appears on my lamp-base.

Then I found a change on my bedside table too, on the lamp base. One of the stone hearts was moved over to point at me, and I’m pretty sure that this one had to come from inside the drawer. At any rate, I couldn’t tell you where in the room it had been. There weren’t any other changes that I found in the bedroom, but after I changed, I headed down to the office for a little bit of work. And off to the right, where I’d placed Nuttah’s character and myself, there was a change there as well. Nuttah has moved herself closer to me, kind of turned inward toward me, and all 3 heart shapes are lined up in front of us – the flowery one is pointing at me, the silver heart at Nuttah, and a turtle-heart charm is off to the left. Bob’s character is still missing, but I think if I produced a new Bob-character, he would figure into some of these scenarios again. Maybe it’s time to get a new Bob-character. Maybe it’s time we all had a new character.
I am still back-posting, and will fill in Events 184- 189, which cover mid-February up to now.  I think it might take me about another week, and we’ll be all caught up and current.

Nuttah sits next to me in the office; she brought over all the hearts to point at us


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