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March 31, 2011

Event #201: Wednesday night, March 30, 2011

The bud has blossomed, and tonight there is also a heart-charm in front of the flowers

When I came in Wed. night from work, it was just after 10. I heard the ‘buzz’ entering the house again. I had an odd feeling too, this new twist has both of us a bit spooked in the dark. Instead of going right upstairs like I usually do, I went into the office with the day’s mail. The ‘Lesser Celandine’ buds on my desk have opened, and sit in a small cup of water. Since March 10, my character, along with Nuttah’s have sat on a shelf to my right in the same position she left us (picture was in the 3/10 post) with the 2 hearts pointing at us. Now, the small silver heart-charm was positioned in front of the celandine flowers, and pointing towards where I would sit at the computer. I have included a picture to the right. After I stopped in here, I went upstairs. I had a momentary start when I first opened the door to our downstairs living room; Joe was standing on the chair, and fairly launched himself at me with a giant, plaintive yowl. Spooked me too, he is not usually downstairs when I arrive. He was scared out of his mind. He didn’t even want to follow me upstairs, I had to encourage him. I had chills walking up the steps, not sure why. Bob was comfortably asleep, and there was nothing amiss in the room. I went down later (brought Joe over with me, as he was still all out of sorts) and wrote Bob an email about what I’d come home to, just in case he’d had any experience as well:

Me: “The flower buds that I have blooming in the office here tonight have a silver heart pointing from them to me… also, Joe was really FREAKED when I came in tonight – he was downstairs on one of the chairs, and gave me a start when I walked in down there — he yowled and then jumped, seemed like he didn’t want to go upstairs. There was a buzz as well, from the driveway on in to the house.”

Bob: “As soon as I hung up with you I started scanning channels, stopped on the history channel, they were doing one of the ancient aliens/UFO shows, this one seemed to have much more current events and not only alien stuff. Two items got my attention and in each instance Nuttah made herself obvious, first was about an incident at a base in Europe that I have heard about many times with the difference now being the guys involved are talking about it and they kept journals because it changed their lives. One thing that stuck out was that the one guy went up and put his hands on the craft, when he did he was instantly given patterns of information, he has been trying to record them ever since, very similar to what I got a glimpse of, I think, he was able to maintain that image like a picture in his mind, some of it in binary code which can be translated. Second was about an Indian mathematician from the early 20th century that provided the theorems for string theory and other advanced theories in physics. He is one of the great mathematicians of the past 200 years. He claims he was provided with the theorems by a woman while in a “dream like” state, but not quite a dream. Hmmm, not comparing myself to him by any stretch, but it sounded very similar too my “dreams”. Who knows.

The other “person” was there last night with Nuttah and without, odd sense when he/she/it is there, Joe seems fine when I am there with him, maybe when I am asleep he is less comfortable with having company, he may be unsure of his hosting ability. He is a cat.
The information thing is kind of intriguing to me. Didn’t feel the sense of unease this time at least, still odd though, apparently we can’t say the same thing for Joe T. Cat.
I am trying to understand why, have been for awhile, I can sense and get communication and others can’t. When I was watching the segnent on the ufo/information transfer they talked about just that. What they said, and it is something I have thought about, is the frequency they are tuned to, like a radio tuned to a certain station, nothing special about them, just happen to be tuned to the station.”

Me: “This is very interesting… and how did Nuttah make herself obvious? What sense do you have of the other being? Joe apparently doesn’t like “it” either — this is about the 3rd time in 2 weeks or so that I’ve been greeted by him when I come in downstairs, and that is very unusual, he is almost always on the bed with you. Also, do we know how that binary code was translated? I am apparently not on the frequency at all. I “hear” stuff, but haven’t been able to pick it up any other way. I try though. Pretty dreary out today.”
Bob:  I sense her as I used to, but sometimes it is like being pushed or directed.
March 28, 2011

Event #200: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Excerpts of our emails today (Monday, March 28) although we are speaking about something that happened Sunday evening:

Bob: Also, before I forget, did you come up around 10:20 very briefly last night? I heard very slow footsteps that seemed like they took an awful long time to come up the stairs and cross the room, then I fell back to sleep for a minute, woke again and no one was there. Joe the Cat was on the bed. Very much a cat. Just wondering.

Me: No that was not me creeping across the floor – I was still in the office then. Doubt I would creep across either. I did hear a pretty serious buzz in the ear though last night, which is no longer a daily/nightly event. There seemed to be numerous visions when I went to bed too, but nothing that made sense. Just random, current-seeming stuff that had no meaning to me. One was 3 beautiful ‘vintage’ sleds lined up against the fence along our driveway. Why? I wasn’t even thinking about that. Other stuff came streaming in fast and furious, but I can’t remember any of it now, except that one really clear one of the ‘Flexible Flyers’.

Bob: Well, if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t Nuttah, I don’t know who it was, but I sat up and looked and didn’t see anyone. No idea what is going on with this new twist, or if Nuttah even has anything to do with it. It was pretty distinct though, pretty weird.

Bob & I talked then later Monday, when I was still at work. He brought the incident of Sunday night up again, and asked me again, if it wasn’t me that he heard ‘creeping’ across the floor. I don’t really creep; Bob sleeps pretty soundly, and with my normal moving around, I don’t have to worry about waking him up. Bob is a little concerned about this latest ‘twist’ in events. He is pretty sure that it is not Nuttah, and it’s about the 3rd time now that he’s had an experience with whatever this new ‘entity’ is. However, last night when I did come up to the bedroom, I heard what I interpret as her ‘buzz’, pretty loudly for the first time in awhile. And then when I shut my eyes, there was instantly swirling motion, the liquid motion I have not seen in awhile either. I don’t know what the change is — a new flower downstairs, the sound, visions, the missing book… Bob’s encounters… something is new and different.  I got home tonight around 10 pm and again, opening the door of the truck in the driveway, I was aware right away of the sound — the buzz. It was loud again upstairs as well. I’m headed up to bed soon, so we’ll see what happens tonight.

March 26, 2011

Event #198-199: Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the rocking chair seat is the book: "The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization"

Two things happened since the last post on March 24. I’ll mention both in one post, even though they were on different days. First, the Maya book is completely missing. This is the one that was on the rocking chair, and that later was opened to pages 166-7.
I don’t have any idea where it is, I haven’t been able to find it in several days. I do think that there is something significant in the fact that it’s missing. I’ve added to the right the picture I have used previously of it.

Then the other thing happened on Saturday. I took Bob with me to go looking for some early wildflowers to photograph.

A bud of "Lesser Celandine" appears on my desk above my keyboard

However, the specific ones that I was looking for were not in bloom yet (they are late this year). I was looking for round-lobed hepatica, which blooms every year in the woodlands surrounding us. I joked to Bob on the way back, “What do you think are the chances that I’ll find a bud of hepatica on my bedside table later today?” Bob thought that the chances were nil. I had my doubts too. But later in the day, when I came down to sit at the computer, I noticed something on my desk under the computer monitor and above the keyboard.

The heart-shaped leaf of the "Lesser Celandine" plant

It was a tiny yellow bud, the entire sprig only about 2″ long. I picked it up and examined it, and later was able to identify it as one of our local invasive plants: Lesser Celandine. Of course, there is most likely no way that Nuttah would know that it is invasive. And there was one other element to this plant that I noticed when we went out to confirm that they were in fact already budding close to us. The leaf, pictured to the right, is a heart-shaped leaf.

March 24, 2011

Event #197: March 24, 2011

Excerpts of emails of Thursday morning, March 24th,

8:30 AM, From Bob: “Well, I guess I now have a semi answer as to whether I am dreaming. I got to [that same intersection] this morning listening to Coast-2-Coast; the light turned red, and as soon as I stop the giant white bird flies over at about the height of the light. I glance over at the guy in next lane, he doesn’t seem to have seen it, and at the same time the bird flies over, the radio changes [from the talk show] to playing a song.”

Bob was sitting there at the intersection where the White Bird sightings have happened numerous other times, always at odd hours; clearly when birds are not usually out flying. And right in the middle of the Coast to Coast talk radio program, a song starts playing that has some significance to Bob & I, and although it’s common for this station to play ‘bumper music’, it was not at the time that bumper music should be playing. And Bob and I had just recently been talking about this particular song. Then, while it is playing, Bob has a momentary, instantaneous vision of a life that was different from our life together — In this vision, something else happened instead of us getting married, and living where we do. It was like he was being shown “us” in a different time line, or was it possibly a ‘parallel’ universe? In this scenario, we did not know each other; had never met. There were a lot of specific details to the vision and it was clearly not anything like the way our life actually is now. And as soon as the bird flew out of view, the vision was over, the light turned green, and both cars sitting at the light continued on… Could there actually be a timeline in which this scenario is happening, and Bob was given a momentary view of it?

Bob continues in the email: “Pretty powerful “dream”, you would ‘have to have been there’ sort of thing to know what I mean, overwhelming. All of this happened in a few seconds I presume because I wasn’t sitting at the light any longer than the guy next to me. Funny I was thinking about the bird yesterday.”

March 23, 2011

Event #196: March 23, 2011

Wednesday night at work, Bob and I had this discussion. I was scrawling notes while we talked, but this discussion was about the previous evening:
Bob: “She was here at 10 pm. And so was somebody else. I don’t who it is — or what it is.  Some thing or someone else. And I don’t feel real at ease with ‘it’. First there was that time Sunday night on the stairs, then last night. She seems fine, so that keeps me a little bit calm about it. I really don’t think that she would do anything to harm anyone.

Me: Is it a person?

Bob: I don’t know.

Me: Is there any communication?

Bob: No. Just like someone or something standing there.

Me: And you woke up to this? ‘Cause you said it was 10 pm.

Bob: Yeah, it was 10 something… maybe after 10.

Me: I got home a bit after 10, and when I turned off my engine, I could hear the buzz in the driveway. Often this past week, when I pull in, I’ll turn off the truck, I open the door… and if I just sit there quiet for a second, I can sometimes hear it. Sometimes it follows me in the house. It’s like she’s greeting me, or something. But, are you getting anything different from her, some different feeling?

Bob:  No, everything seems the same with her.

Me: Well, is it at least better than before, when she left angry back in January?

Bob: It’s not quite the same as it was before that incident. It’s better, but it’s not the same as before she determined that our lives were really ‘hurtin’.

Me: huh.

I got home that night also a little after 10. I heard the sound in the driveway again. But something was different. I was greeted downstairs by Joe, yowling plaintively. Bob was upstairs asleep as usual, but Joe is usually asleep with him. Joe will often jump up out of the bed to follow me into the bathroom, and want me to pet him and greet him, but it is extremely rare for him to greet me downstairs. And seemingly so disturbed. I had a really weird feeling as I climbed the stairs with Joe behind me, up to the bedroom. I had chills as I got closer to the top. I was thinking about Bob’s incident on Sunday, when a “whoosh” went past him and nearly turned him around on the stairs. I didn’t have that effect, but I did have a serious case of the heebie-jeebies as I went up, and it didn’t go away until I checked around the room, and everything seemed to be in order. I had misgivings about sitting downstairs in my office alone in the front of the house, far away from the bedroom, and Stewie was not home. I did it anyway, but I had misgivings about it. I felt the same way the next night. Bob didn’t describe that weird encounter again, but two nights in a row, Joe met me downstairs when I came home, yowling and discontent. Since Sunday night though, when I described the four new changes on the dresser, nothing else has moved.

March 20, 2011

Event #195: Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bob came back down after having already said goodnight to me. He seemed somewhat ‘unnerved’.  He wanted me to come up and check the bedroom to see if there had been any new changes. He said he had felt a presence, that as he topped the stairs, he felt a “whoosh of air” that nearly turned him around in the stairwell. As if he had come up just as “they” were leaving. He did not feel the presence of Nuttah though. It was someone – or something else. So I followed Bob back to the bedroom. I did find four new changes to substantiate what he felt; they were all on the dresser. The wolf characters were positioned to “look” at Bob. They had been moved from the back of the bureau. A Thunderbird charm has been used for the very first time, and is positioned to ‘point’ at the farm animal figurines. The heart-turtle is reconfigured back into its original shape, as I had messed it up. And lastly, the turtle made out of my jewelry has been ‘shaped-up’ and a heart-stone lies inside the daisy-bracelet ‘turtle-head’. I need pictures to illustrate this, and I will put them in the next post. When I came back to examine these things, I did not hear a buzz in the room.

Bob’s email about it the next day: “That incident last night was a bit unnerving, not sure why, not scared, but startled. It was not Nuttah, it happened so quickly I was just taken off guard I guess. I woke up a couple times last night to sounds that gave me PAWS, fortunately I had hands again by the time I got up.”

And my reply: “I heard those sounds too… so did Joe. Once, we both heard something coming from the side porch area, I looked over at Joe between us, and he was staring intently out the window. It could have been Stewie coming home, I guess, but I never heard his car. I almost woke you up to go check it out. Looked around out of all the windows, but didn’t see anything amiss.”

March 19, 2011

Event #194: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bob came into the office behind me stating the following:

“Patterns of information”.
“What is that?” I wondered.
“It’s how she transmits information to me, it’s how I am able to ‘get it’.” Bob said.
And he continued, “Those are my words for it, but all there really is, is all these strings; running patterns, very basic patterns of information. It was just a flash, but it contains everything. I guess the best thing you can compare it to is like primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue. All colors can be made from just the 3 colors, and I guess it’s like that. So there are just these primary strings or ‘patterns of information’ and all information can be created from these primary patterns. They’re complex looking to me, but simple I guess. It’s almost like computer code, or similar to that code in ‘Matrix’ but it’s in colors and it has a pattern and there are sequences of information, maybe almost like geometric figures, but it went by too fast for me to really grasp it.”

I asked Bob, “So what do you think you were looking at?”
“I don’t know — how do you describe something you have no frame of reference for?” Bob wondered.
“Well, what is the question she is answering with this ‘flash’ of information?” I asked.
“I wondered in my head how she is able to communicate with me so that I can understand, and how does she understand our language and our symbology? Like the heart thing. That’s not a heart, it’s our symbol for ‘love’, and that was one of the first things that she figured out. That really makes it even less likely that this is all real, rather than a matrix or a game.” Bob said.

I wondered, “So does she tap into a universal information database, that is universally available?
“It’s all present, it’s all happening right now. How do you reconcile that all of our moments are recorded?” Bob wondered.
“I can’t.” was my response.
“So all time is present. I had a brief flash of it, and I don’t really know what I was seeing, but it was the way that she is able to communicate and understand, through these patterns. We are too hard-wired to this reality, and we don’t have the mental power to see outside of it. What sense does it make that the Higgs-Boson Singlet can go back and forth to the past and transmit information? Or to the future or to now?” Bob exclaimed.

“So others have conceieved of this possibility and are experimenting with ways to make it happen.”, me stating the obvious to try to get my brain around it.
“Yeah, and the Hadron Collider – the most complex machine ever built.”

Later on Saturday, there was another slight change. The Maya Civilization book, which still sat on the rocking chair, was now opened. I checked the page numbers it was left open to: 166-167. I had to ask Bob if he had done this, he said no. Bob picked it up and read the pages that the book was opened to. He said that it had to with war and the politics of the era. I thought it might be because of Libya and what was going on today, but Bob says no, something more sinister and something having to do with her in her time.

March 14, 2011

Event #193: Friday, March 11, 2011

So I have explained all of the changes that we noticed the night of March 10th in terms of what had moved around… but the one thing that was missing from the two previous posts was what happened to Bob the night all that stuff appeared.  Bob had what he calls a “dream” but he is also pretty convinced that this “dream” was directed or perhaps orchestrated, by Nuttah. And it is not the first time that it’s happened. I’m not at liberty to go into detail about the previous “dreams”; suffice it to say that Bob is being treated to quite a look into the “spirit-world”.  This one though, took Bob back to the early days of our relationship. It was in the apartment that we first shared together when we were in our mid 20’s, so this was a LONG time ago.

Here is an excerpt from the email of the next day. I had already sent Bob the post I put up of the initial changes with all the “heart-necklaces”, plus I do think that Bob kind of knows when something is up because of how Joe is behaving. Which that night was pretty whacked.

Bob: I thought there might be activity. I can’t look at the pictures [on this phone] without a lot of effort, but I saw the arrangement in the closet, pretty cute. I had a Scrooge type “dream” last night. Extreme realism. I was back in our first apartment as an observer.”

Me again: I won’t post in here the entire email about the “dream”, as a lot of it is really personal to the two of us, but there is a significant part that I will quote from:

“Nuttah kept drawing my attention to the books on my hurtin’ shelves while “we” were sitting on the side of the bed talking (we as in you and me at 25) as though they were significant, not for what they said but their subject which was all my stupey Maya studies books. Not sure why she won’t just tell me what she wants. The room was much smaller than I would’ve guessed. I got distracted by Nuttah pushing my focus to the books when I was trying to pay attention to the conversation “we” were having. I think it was something about upper management at your job. Quite a dream. Woke up after it as though I was washed down some type of tube back into bed.”

We really did not know what to make of this “dream”. Bob kept asking me if I thought that it was strictly a dream, or maybe something else. And I kept pointing out that Bob doesn’t remember dreams very well, if at all. And yet this dream, he was able to remember incredible detail, word for word conversations, and knew exactly what we were doing in each moment. Also, the place was exactly as it was then, and we were exactly as we were then — not like dreams are, where you’re in a space that is “supposed” to be somewhere, but isn’t really exactly like it. It was like he was remembering it as if it happened yesterday. When Bob told me about the conversation that “we” had been having, I remembered that it happened that way too. And then of course there is the part about being “washed down some type of tube” to come back to our bedroom.

But then a key thing happened Sunday night that lends some credibility to the “Event” vs. “Dream” idea.  I noticed this when I went in to turn off our stereo. The stereo receiver sits on a bookshelf in one of our rooms, and on the same shelves is the collection of books that Bob has about the Maya. These are the exact same books that figured into Bob’s “dream” mentioned above that he ‘saw’ on the shelves in our first apartment.  Bob studied archeology and the Maya culture when he was in college, and still has all of the books that he owned then.

On the rocking chair seat is the book: "The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization"

And as I leaned down to switch off the stereo on the bottom shelf, I noticed there was a book laying on the seat of the rocking chair in front of the shelves. To the right, I have included a picture of the book: “The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization”. This reminded me of the days we’d come in after Bob was fishing and find fishing books laying in our path on the way to the bedroom. Is Nuttah trying to emphasize the Maya books for a reason? As Bob says, “She does nothing without a reason.” So what does this mean? Well… the most obvious answer is that there is a connection. Some Lenape/Maya connection that she is trying to draw our attention to. Something that probably flies in the face of current theory or history, the way it’s been written. But what?

The book event happened Sunday night, but something had also happened Saturday night. We came in from being out kind of late. I went right up to bed, but Bob was stoking fires, and doing what-not downstairs for a bit, and came up later to tell me about an “event” while he was downstairs. He thought I had stomped by in the hall, and went into the kitchen and opened and shut a cabinet. He said that he clearly heard this; even called out to me to see what I was doing — and… no answer. Because I wasn’t there, I was up in bed already. And I am wondering about one other thing at the moment… I have a nasty, painful bump on my forearm. It is raised and red, and super-painful. I have absolutely no idea where or how I got this bump. It would have hurt like hell, had I smashed my forearm on something to cause this, and I don’t remember it happening.

March 11, 2011

Event #192a: Thurs., March 10, 2011

As promised, here are the remaining pictures of the heart-necklaces. Four of them total, all using one of my short necklaces, and a turtle charm:

I found this one first, on the dresser. This one points at Bob in the bed.

Then found this one on my bedside table. It's orientation is pointing where I would be in the bed.

In the closet, was this one, #3.

And then the last of the four was in my office, right on the desk next to the keyboard.

The meteor-stone is stood up on Bob's lamp base

And then lastly, the stone "heart" is moved inside the Daisy-Bracelet as part of the dresser turtle arrangement

And of course, there was the little arrangement of Nuttah and myself in the office; I’ve inserted a thumbnail reminder of that picture. And then, as if all this was not enough… that night, Bob was taken on a little “adventure” back in time.

March 11, 2011

Event #192: Thursday, March 10, 2011

The river rose to a slightly lower than anticipated height - 25 ft. vs. 27ft.

First, a little introduction to what is going on… we’re currently under a flood warning, and as I hear the rain cascading down, I am worried. I just got home from work, and it has rained almost all day. Thankfully, it was a slow, steady rain; the creek swelled, but did not come up outrageously high. When Bob called me tonight at work, he reported that not even any of the trees along the bank were in the water yet. That was good, because that was about the way it was this morning, so I was relieved. However, as I drove, it was really pouring all the way home. And now? It’s creeping up around the trunks of the trees. The river is projected to flood by tomorrow night, but as I check the gauges online, the projected crest keeps being downgraded. So that is good news too for people like Leanne (I’ll still come up and help you Leanne!) Back to the creek. Currently, I don’t hear any rain, so I’m breathing a semi-sigh of relief, and there is hope that maybe I can go to bed tonight. (I’d stay up and monitor things in case we might lose the cars again). But when Bob and I were talking earlier, there was another thing that he mentioned. He said that “Joe is really flipping out.” Really! It has been awhile. And he said something else. He’d been downstairs in our stove-room below the bedroom and Bob reported a “strong sense of her” in the room. Bob says he has not picked up this strong a sense of her since she left and slammed the door. That would probably have been, at this point, a little more than a month ago. So what was I going to be coming home to? Bob did not notice anything changed, but he rarely does, especially when some of the changes are pretty subtle, like a pendant or a stone moved. So was I in for a surprise when I got home. I went first upstairs like I always do. Joe met me at the door, still a little freaked out.


In the closet is the pewter turtle, set inside my gem-stone turtle necklace, shaped into a heart

The first thing I noticed was on the dresser. One of my necklaces was on the corner, pointed at Bob, and inside the necklace was a small silver turtle charm. Quite “charming”, actually. My next stop was Bob’s bedside table, I crept over because I didn’t want to wake him up. His meteor-stone was standing UP on the lamp-base. I’ve never seen her do that, and it probably won’t last ’til morning; Bob will probably knock it over when he turns off his alarm. Then I went to my bedside table. And much to my surprise, I had one of these heart-necklace-turtle arrangements pointing at me too! It was a necklace that had been in my jewelry drawer, and all the turtle charms were in there too, as of this morning anyway. I glanced up at the top of my closet to the ducks — no change there. I went into the bathroom, glanced around, nothing different — but opened the closet and found this — see the picture to the right. That’s the pewter turtle, that I left in there since she put it in there awhile back, and it’s set inside a gem-stone turtle necklace of mine that she has shaped into a “heart” shape.

Next to my keyboard is another heart-necklace with a turtle inside it. This is #4!

I wore this necklace just yesterday. Look how the two turtles are almost “kissing” each other. So that was all I found looking around the bedroom with only the light of the TV. I went down to my office to get the camera; I was going to shoot only the closet arrangement, cause I was pretty sure the flash would bother Bob sleeping. So walking into the office to get my camera, you can’t imagine my shock and surprise, when on my desk, right next to my keyboard, is yet another heart-necklace-turtle arrangement!


With all the charm that only Nuttah can portray, here is how she arranged herself in the office with "me". Notice the hearts pointing at us too.

FOUR of them! But that wasn’t all. The pièce de résistance was the arrangement of my character with Nuttah’s off to the side of my desk. Since I’m downstairs now, I was able to get a picture of that tonight and I’ve included it. Also, to the left is the heart-necklace that was next to my keyboard. She was very busy tonight, and I’m left wondering, what is the occasion? It’s not the water is it? Tomorrow morning, I will post the other two pictures that are missing tonight – the 2 bedside table heart-turtle arrangements. She always surprises me, and she’s always so completely charming and original. Bob, I think, will be thrilled that there was this much activity, and that he also felt her presence for the first time in so long. On a side note, as I’ve been sitting her typing up this post and formatting the included pictures, I notice the rain has basically stopped! That could not be better news. And it’s good news for Leanne, and everyone on the river too. So I guess I get to go to bed after all! What a night.