Event #191: Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My turquoise pendant shows up on my bedside table lamp-base

Saturday night (March 5th) Rue was here overnight. She slept on the same pull-out bed that my Dad had slept on awhile back. We asked her if during the night she had “experienced  anything”. She knew what we meant, as she had read that journal, but she reported nothing. “I was kind of disappointed, I was hoping I would”, was how she said it, I think. I looked around for any changes in our room as well, but there was nothing. At least during the day. Then Sunday night, I went upstairs ahead of Bob to get changed. I looked around the room, and found something new on my lamp-base.

The yellow arrow points to the "heart" that was moved over here

This pendant was on the dresser earlier, and had now moved over to my lamp. This is the first time that this particular piece has been used like this. Jewelry has moved around before, but not this pendant. The berries in the picture are still there from December, when they arrived. But this was not the only thing. The stone-heart that had been there (see previous post) was moved back over to the dresser and sits behind the turtle. And then lastly, Bob’s “Meteor Stone” was on his clock radio. I called down to Bob as he was loading up the wood stove. “She’s been here!”, I yelled down the stairs. Bob came up to look at the changes, and thought, as I did, that having someone new in the house had sparked this.

The stone appears on Bob's clock radio

Admittedly, it has been awhile since there has been any “activity”. Bob continues to be experiencing something, but is not yet ready to divulge that. There’s been some odd “dreams” as well. Then last night, Monday night into Tuesday morning, I was experiencing the buzz-hum pretty loudly in my ear. It was pretty obvious that she “was there”. I’m kind of at a loss to explain the obvious “lull”, but we’ll see what spring brings. And then, I still have to unearth our new characters.


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