Event #192: Thursday, March 10, 2011

The river rose to a slightly lower than anticipated height - 25 ft. vs. 27ft.

First, a little introduction to what is going on… we’re currently under a flood warning, and as I hear the rain cascading down, I am worried. I just got home from work, and it has rained almost all day. Thankfully, it was a slow, steady rain; the creek swelled, but did not come up outrageously high. When Bob called me tonight at work, he reported that not even any of the trees along the bank were in the water yet. That was good, because that was about the way it was this morning, so I was relieved. However, as I drove, it was really pouring all the way home. And now? It’s creeping up around the trunks of the trees. The river is projected to flood by tomorrow night, but as I check the gauges online, the projected crest keeps being downgraded. So that is good news too for people like Leanne (I’ll still come up and help you Leanne!) Back to the creek. Currently, I don’t hear any rain, so I’m breathing a semi-sigh of relief, and there is hope that maybe I can go to bed tonight. (I’d stay up and monitor things in case we might lose the cars again). But when Bob and I were talking earlier, there was another thing that he mentioned. He said that “Joe is really flipping out.” Really! It has been awhile. And he said something else. He’d been downstairs in our stove-room below the bedroom and Bob reported a “strong sense of her” in the room. Bob says he has not picked up this strong a sense of her since she left and slammed the door. That would probably have been, at this point, a little more than a month ago. So what was I going to be coming home to? Bob did not notice anything changed, but he rarely does, especially when some of the changes are pretty subtle, like a pendant or a stone moved. So was I in for a surprise when I got home. I went first upstairs like I always do. Joe met me at the door, still a little freaked out.


In the closet is the pewter turtle, set inside my gem-stone turtle necklace, shaped into a heart

The first thing I noticed was on the dresser. One of my necklaces was on the corner, pointed at Bob, and inside the necklace was a small silver turtle charm. Quite “charming”, actually. My next stop was Bob’s bedside table, I crept over because I didn’t want to wake him up. His meteor-stone was standing UP on the lamp-base. I’ve never seen her do that, and it probably won’t last ’til morning; Bob will probably knock it over when he turns off his alarm. Then I went to my bedside table. And much to my surprise, I had one of these heart-necklace-turtle arrangements pointing at me too! It was a necklace that had been in my jewelry drawer, and all the turtle charms were in there too, as of this morning anyway. I glanced up at the top of my closet to the ducks — no change there. I went into the bathroom, glanced around, nothing different — but opened the closet and found this — see the picture to the right. That’s the pewter turtle, that I left in there since she put it in there awhile back, and it’s set inside a gem-stone turtle necklace of mine that she has shaped into a “heart” shape.

Next to my keyboard is another heart-necklace with a turtle inside it. This is #4!

I wore this necklace just yesterday. Look how the two turtles are almost “kissing” each other. So that was all I found looking around the bedroom with only the light of the TV. I went down to my office to get the camera; I was going to shoot only the closet arrangement, cause I was pretty sure the flash would bother Bob sleeping. So walking into the office to get my camera, you can’t imagine my shock and surprise, when on my desk, right next to my keyboard, is yet another heart-necklace-turtle arrangement!


With all the charm that only Nuttah can portray, here is how she arranged herself in the office with "me". Notice the hearts pointing at us too.

FOUR of them! But that wasn’t all. The pièce de résistance was the arrangement of my character with Nuttah’s off to the side of my desk. Since I’m downstairs now, I was able to get a picture of that tonight and I’ve included it. Also, to the left is the heart-necklace that was next to my keyboard. She was very busy tonight, and I’m left wondering, what is the occasion? It’s not the water is it? Tomorrow morning, I will post the other two pictures that are missing tonight – the 2 bedside table heart-turtle arrangements. She always surprises me, and she’s always so completely charming and original. Bob, I think, will be thrilled that there was this much activity, and that he also felt her presence for the first time in so long. On a side note, as I’ve been sitting her typing up this post and formatting the included pictures, I notice the rain has basically stopped! That could not be better news. And it’s good news for Leanne, and everyone on the river too. So I guess I get to go to bed after all! What a night.


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