Event #192a: Thurs., March 10, 2011

As promised, here are the remaining pictures of the heart-necklaces. Four of them total, all using one of my short necklaces, and a turtle charm:

I found this one first, on the dresser. This one points at Bob in the bed.

Then found this one on my bedside table. It's orientation is pointing where I would be in the bed.

In the closet, was this one, #3.

And then the last of the four was in my office, right on the desk next to the keyboard.

The meteor-stone is stood up on Bob's lamp base

And then lastly, the stone "heart" is moved inside the Daisy-Bracelet as part of the dresser turtle arrangement

And of course, there was the little arrangement of Nuttah and myself in the office; I’ve inserted a thumbnail reminder of that picture. And then, as if all this was not enough… that night, Bob was taken on a little “adventure” back in time.


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