Event #193: Friday, March 11, 2011

So I have explained all of the changes that we noticed the night of March 10th in terms of what had moved around… but the one thing that was missing from the two previous posts was what happened to Bob the night all that stuff appeared.  Bob had what he calls a “dream” but he is also pretty convinced that this “dream” was directed or perhaps orchestrated, by Nuttah. And it is not the first time that it’s happened. I’m not at liberty to go into detail about the previous “dreams”; suffice it to say that Bob is being treated to quite a look into the “spirit-world”.  This one though, took Bob back to the early days of our relationship. It was in the apartment that we first shared together when we were in our mid 20’s, so this was a LONG time ago.

Here is an excerpt from the email of the next day. I had already sent Bob the post I put up of the initial changes with all the “heart-necklaces”, plus I do think that Bob kind of knows when something is up because of how Joe is behaving. Which that night was pretty whacked.

Bob: I thought there might be activity. I can’t look at the pictures [on this phone] without a lot of effort, but I saw the arrangement in the closet, pretty cute. I had a Scrooge type “dream” last night. Extreme realism. I was back in our first apartment as an observer.”

Me again: I won’t post in here the entire email about the “dream”, as a lot of it is really personal to the two of us, but there is a significant part that I will quote from:

“Nuttah kept drawing my attention to the books on my hurtin’ shelves while “we” were sitting on the side of the bed talking (we as in you and me at 25) as though they were significant, not for what they said but their subject which was all my stupey Maya studies books. Not sure why she won’t just tell me what she wants. The room was much smaller than I would’ve guessed. I got distracted by Nuttah pushing my focus to the books when I was trying to pay attention to the conversation “we” were having. I think it was something about upper management at your job. Quite a dream. Woke up after it as though I was washed down some type of tube back into bed.”

We really did not know what to make of this “dream”. Bob kept asking me if I thought that it was strictly a dream, or maybe something else. And I kept pointing out that Bob doesn’t remember dreams very well, if at all. And yet this dream, he was able to remember incredible detail, word for word conversations, and knew exactly what we were doing in each moment. Also, the place was exactly as it was then, and we were exactly as we were then — not like dreams are, where you’re in a space that is “supposed” to be somewhere, but isn’t really exactly like it. It was like he was remembering it as if it happened yesterday. When Bob told me about the conversation that “we” had been having, I remembered that it happened that way too. And then of course there is the part about being “washed down some type of tube” to come back to our bedroom.

But then a key thing happened Sunday night that lends some credibility to the “Event” vs. “Dream” idea.  I noticed this when I went in to turn off our stereo. The stereo receiver sits on a bookshelf in one of our rooms, and on the same shelves is the collection of books that Bob has about the Maya. These are the exact same books that figured into Bob’s “dream” mentioned above that he ‘saw’ on the shelves in our first apartment.  Bob studied archeology and the Maya culture when he was in college, and still has all of the books that he owned then.

On the rocking chair seat is the book: "The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization"

And as I leaned down to switch off the stereo on the bottom shelf, I noticed there was a book laying on the seat of the rocking chair in front of the shelves. To the right, I have included a picture of the book: “The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization”. This reminded me of the days we’d come in after Bob was fishing and find fishing books laying in our path on the way to the bedroom. Is Nuttah trying to emphasize the Maya books for a reason? As Bob says, “She does nothing without a reason.” So what does this mean? Well… the most obvious answer is that there is a connection. Some Lenape/Maya connection that she is trying to draw our attention to. Something that probably flies in the face of current theory or history, the way it’s been written. But what?

The book event happened Sunday night, but something had also happened Saturday night. We came in from being out kind of late. I went right up to bed, but Bob was stoking fires, and doing what-not downstairs for a bit, and came up later to tell me about an “event” while he was downstairs. He thought I had stomped by in the hall, and went into the kitchen and opened and shut a cabinet. He said that he clearly heard this; even called out to me to see what I was doing — and… no answer. Because I wasn’t there, I was up in bed already. And I am wondering about one other thing at the moment… I have a nasty, painful bump on my forearm. It is raised and red, and super-painful. I have absolutely no idea where or how I got this bump. It would have hurt like hell, had I smashed my forearm on something to cause this, and I don’t remember it happening.


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