Event #194: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bob came into the office behind me stating the following:

“Patterns of information”.
“What is that?” I wondered.
“It’s how she transmits information to me, it’s how I am able to ‘get it’.” Bob said.
And he continued, “Those are my words for it, but all there really is, is all these strings; running patterns, very basic patterns of information. It was just a flash, but it contains everything. I guess the best thing you can compare it to is like primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue. All colors can be made from just the 3 colors, and I guess it’s like that. So there are just these primary strings or ‘patterns of information’ and all information can be created from these primary patterns. They’re complex looking to me, but simple I guess. It’s almost like computer code, or similar to that code in ‘Matrix’ but it’s in colors and it has a pattern and there are sequences of information, maybe almost like geometric figures, but it went by too fast for me to really grasp it.”

I asked Bob, “So what do you think you were looking at?”
“I don’t know — how do you describe something you have no frame of reference for?” Bob wondered.
“Well, what is the question she is answering with this ‘flash’ of information?” I asked.
“I wondered in my head how she is able to communicate with me so that I can understand, and how does she understand our language and our symbology? Like the heart thing. That’s not a heart, it’s our symbol for ‘love’, and that was one of the first things that she figured out. That really makes it even less likely that this is all real, rather than a matrix or a game.” Bob said.

I wondered, “So does she tap into a universal information database, that is universally available?
“It’s all present, it’s all happening right now. How do you reconcile that all of our moments are recorded?” Bob wondered.
“I can’t.” was my response.
“So all time is present. I had a brief flash of it, and I don’t really know what I was seeing, but it was the way that she is able to communicate and understand, through these patterns. We are too hard-wired to this reality, and we don’t have the mental power to see outside of it. What sense does it make that the Higgs-Boson Singlet can go back and forth to the past and transmit information? Or to the future or to now?” Bob exclaimed.

“So others have conceieved of this possibility and are experimenting with ways to make it happen.”, me stating the obvious to try to get my brain around it.
“Yeah, and the Hadron Collider – the most complex machine ever built.”

Later on Saturday, there was another slight change. The Maya Civilization book, which still sat on the rocking chair, was now opened. I checked the page numbers it was left open to: 166-167. I had to ask Bob if he had done this, he said no. Bob picked it up and read the pages that the book was opened to. He said that it had to with war and the politics of the era. I thought it might be because of Libya and what was going on today, but Bob says no, something more sinister and something having to do with her in her time.


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