Event #195: Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bob came back down after having already said goodnight to me. He seemed somewhat ‘unnerved’.  He wanted me to come up and check the bedroom to see if there had been any new changes. He said he had felt a presence, that as he topped the stairs, he felt a “whoosh of air” that nearly turned him around in the stairwell. As if he had come up just as “they” were leaving. He did not feel the presence of Nuttah though. It was someone – or something else. So I followed Bob back to the bedroom. I did find four new changes to substantiate what he felt; they were all on the dresser. The wolf characters were positioned to “look” at Bob. They had been moved from the back of the bureau. A Thunderbird charm has been used for the very first time, and is positioned to ‘point’ at the farm animal figurines. The heart-turtle is reconfigured back into its original shape, as I had messed it up. And lastly, the turtle made out of my jewelry has been ‘shaped-up’ and a heart-stone lies inside the daisy-bracelet ‘turtle-head’. I need pictures to illustrate this, and I will put them in the next post. When I came back to examine these things, I did not hear a buzz in the room.

Bob’s email about it the next day: “That incident last night was a bit unnerving, not sure why, not scared, but startled. It was not Nuttah, it happened so quickly I was just taken off guard I guess. I woke up a couple times last night to sounds that gave me PAWS, fortunately I had hands again by the time I got up.”

And my reply: “I heard those sounds too… so did Joe. Once, we both heard something coming from the side porch area, I looked over at Joe between us, and he was staring intently out the window. It could have been Stewie coming home, I guess, but I never heard his car. I almost woke you up to go check it out. Looked around out of all the windows, but didn’t see anything amiss.”


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