Event #196: March 23, 2011

Wednesday night at work, Bob and I had this discussion. I was scrawling notes while we talked, but this discussion was about the previous evening:
Bob: “She was here at 10 pm. And so was somebody else. I don’t who it is — or what it is.  Some thing or someone else. And I don’t feel real at ease with ‘it’. First there was that time Sunday night on the stairs, then last night. She seems fine, so that keeps me a little bit calm about it. I really don’t think that she would do anything to harm anyone.

Me: Is it a person?

Bob: I don’t know.

Me: Is there any communication?

Bob: No. Just like someone or something standing there.

Me: And you woke up to this? ‘Cause you said it was 10 pm.

Bob: Yeah, it was 10 something… maybe after 10.

Me: I got home a bit after 10, and when I turned off my engine, I could hear the buzz in the driveway. Often this past week, when I pull in, I’ll turn off the truck, I open the door… and if I just sit there quiet for a second, I can sometimes hear it. Sometimes it follows me in the house. It’s like she’s greeting me, or something. But, are you getting anything different from her, some different feeling?

Bob:  No, everything seems the same with her.

Me: Well, is it at least better than before, when she left angry back in January?

Bob: It’s not quite the same as it was before that incident. It’s better, but it’s not the same as before she determined that our lives were really ‘hurtin’.

Me: huh.

I got home that night also a little after 10. I heard the sound in the driveway again. But something was different. I was greeted downstairs by Joe, yowling plaintively. Bob was upstairs asleep as usual, but Joe is usually asleep with him. Joe will often jump up out of the bed to follow me into the bathroom, and want me to pet him and greet him, but it is extremely rare for him to greet me downstairs. And seemingly so disturbed. I had a really weird feeling as I climbed the stairs with Joe behind me, up to the bedroom. I had chills as I got closer to the top. I was thinking about Bob’s incident on Sunday, when a “whoosh” went past him and nearly turned him around on the stairs. I didn’t have that effect, but I did have a serious case of the heebie-jeebies as I went up, and it didn’t go away until I checked around the room, and everything seemed to be in order. I had misgivings about sitting downstairs in my office alone in the front of the house, far away from the bedroom, and Stewie was not home. I did it anyway, but I had misgivings about it. I felt the same way the next night. Bob didn’t describe that weird encounter again, but two nights in a row, Joe met me downstairs when I came home, yowling and discontent. Since Sunday night though, when I described the four new changes on the dresser, nothing else has moved.


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