Event #197: March 24, 2011

Excerpts of emails of Thursday morning, March 24th,

8:30 AM, From Bob: “Well, I guess I now have a semi answer as to whether I am dreaming. I got to [that same intersection] this morning listening to Coast-2-Coast; the light turned red, and as soon as I stop the giant white bird flies over at about the height of the light. I glance over at the guy in next lane, he doesn’t seem to have seen it, and at the same time the bird flies over, the radio changes [from the talk show] to playing a song.”

Bob was sitting there at the intersection where the White Bird sightings have happened numerous other times, always at odd hours; clearly when birds are not usually out flying. And right in the middle of the Coast to Coast talk radio program, a song starts playing that has some significance to Bob & I, and although it’s common for this station to play ‘bumper music’, it was not at the time that bumper music should be playing. And Bob and I had just recently been talking about this particular song. Then, while it is playing, Bob has a momentary, instantaneous vision of a life that was different from our life together — In this vision, something else happened instead of us getting married, and living where we do. It was like he was being shown “us” in a different time line, or was it possibly a ‘parallel’ universe? In this scenario, we did not know each other; had never met. There were a lot of specific details to the vision and it was clearly not anything like the way our life actually is now. And as soon as the bird flew out of view, the vision was over, the light turned green, and both cars sitting at the light continued on… Could there actually be a timeline in which this scenario is happening, and Bob was given a momentary view of it?

Bob continues in the email: “Pretty powerful “dream”, you would ‘have to have been there’ sort of thing to know what I mean, overwhelming. All of this happened in a few seconds I presume because I wasn’t sitting at the light any longer than the guy next to me. Funny I was thinking about the bird yesterday.”


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