Event #198-199: Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the rocking chair seat is the book: "The Rise and Fall of the Maya Civilization"

Two things happened since the last post on March 24. I’ll mention both in one post, even though they were on different days. First, the Maya book is completely missing. This is the one that was on the rocking chair, and that later was opened to pages 166-7.
I don’t have any idea where it is, I haven’t been able to find it in several days. I do think that there is something significant in the fact that it’s missing. I’ve added to the right the picture I have used previously of it.

Then the other thing happened on Saturday. I took Bob with me to go looking for some early wildflowers to photograph.

A bud of "Lesser Celandine" appears on my desk above my keyboard

However, the specific ones that I was looking for were not in bloom yet (they are late this year). I was looking for round-lobed hepatica, which blooms every year in the woodlands surrounding us. I joked to Bob on the way back, “What do you think are the chances that I’ll find a bud of hepatica on my bedside table later today?” Bob thought that the chances were nil. I had my doubts too. But later in the day, when I came down to sit at the computer, I noticed something on my desk under the computer monitor and above the keyboard.

The heart-shaped leaf of the "Lesser Celandine" plant

It was a tiny yellow bud, the entire sprig only about 2″ long. I picked it up and examined it, and later was able to identify it as one of our local invasive plants: Lesser Celandine. Of course, there is most likely no way that Nuttah would know that it is invasive. And there was one other element to this plant that I noticed when we went out to confirm that they were in fact already budding close to us. The leaf, pictured to the right, is a heart-shaped leaf.


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