Event #201: Wednesday night, March 30, 2011

The bud has blossomed, and tonight there is also a heart-charm in front of the flowers

When I came in Wed. night from work, it was just after 10. I heard the ‘buzz’ entering the house again. I had an odd feeling too, this new twist has both of us a bit spooked in the dark. Instead of going right upstairs like I usually do, I went into the office with the day’s mail. The ‘Lesser Celandine’ buds on my desk have opened, and sit in a small cup of water. Since March 10, my character, along with Nuttah’s have sat on a shelf to my right in the same position she left us (picture was in the 3/10 post) with the 2 hearts pointing at us. Now, the small silver heart-charm was positioned in front of the celandine flowers, and pointing towards where I would sit at the computer. I have included a picture to the right. After I stopped in here, I went upstairs. I had a momentary start when I first opened the door to our downstairs living room; Joe was standing on the chair, and fairly launched himself at me with a giant, plaintive yowl. Spooked me too, he is not usually downstairs when I arrive. He was scared out of his mind. He didn’t even want to follow me upstairs, I had to encourage him. I had chills walking up the steps, not sure why. Bob was comfortably asleep, and there was nothing amiss in the room. I went down later (brought Joe over with me, as he was still all out of sorts) and wrote Bob an email about what I’d come home to, just in case he’d had any experience as well:

Me: “The flower buds that I have blooming in the office here tonight have a silver heart pointing from them to me… also, Joe was really FREAKED when I came in tonight – he was downstairs on one of the chairs, and gave me a start when I walked in down there — he yowled and then jumped, seemed like he didn’t want to go upstairs. There was a buzz as well, from the driveway on in to the house.”

Bob: “As soon as I hung up with you I started scanning channels, stopped on the history channel, they were doing one of the ancient aliens/UFO shows, this one seemed to have much more current events and not only alien stuff. Two items got my attention and in each instance Nuttah made herself obvious, first was about an incident at a base in Europe that I have heard about many times with the difference now being the guys involved are talking about it and they kept journals because it changed their lives. One thing that stuck out was that the one guy went up and put his hands on the craft, when he did he was instantly given patterns of information, he has been trying to record them ever since, very similar to what I got a glimpse of, I think, he was able to maintain that image like a picture in his mind, some of it in binary code which can be translated. Second was about an Indian mathematician from the early 20th century that provided the theorems for string theory and other advanced theories in physics. He is one of the great mathematicians of the past 200 years. He claims he was provided with the theorems by a woman while in a “dream like” state, but not quite a dream. Hmmm, not comparing myself to him by any stretch, but it sounded very similar too my “dreams”. Who knows.

The other “person” was there last night with Nuttah and without, odd sense when he/she/it is there, Joe seems fine when I am there with him, maybe when I am asleep he is less comfortable with having company, he may be unsure of his hosting ability. He is a cat.
The information thing is kind of intriguing to me. Didn’t feel the sense of unease this time at least, still odd though, apparently we can’t say the same thing for Joe T. Cat.
I am trying to understand why, have been for awhile, I can sense and get communication and others can’t. When I was watching the segnent on the ufo/information transfer they talked about just that. What they said, and it is something I have thought about, is the frequency they are tuned to, like a radio tuned to a certain station, nothing special about them, just happen to be tuned to the station.”

Me: “This is very interesting… and how did Nuttah make herself obvious? What sense do you have of the other being? Joe apparently doesn’t like “it” either — this is about the 3rd time in 2 weeks or so that I’ve been greeted by him when I come in downstairs, and that is very unusual, he is almost always on the bed with you. Also, do we know how that binary code was translated? I am apparently not on the frequency at all. I “hear” stuff, but haven’t been able to pick it up any other way. I try though. Pretty dreary out today.”
Bob:  I sense her as I used to, but sometimes it is like being pushed or directed.

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