Event #202: Monday night, April 4, 2011

A picture from the internet of what a local pair of merganser ducks look like

Before I get to Monday night’s happening, I should mention that over the weekend Bob reported another White Bird sighting. This one was right here on our property, in the creek. He looked over the wall and saw 3 Mergansers. (Mergansers are ducks that are native to the area). Mergansers themselves are not that unusual, at least a few times every year we have Merganser sightings. But what was unusual about the 3 of them, is that 2 were a normal male/female pair, as in the picture to the right, and the 3rd was solid white.

A rare white merganser (albino?)-- credit Mike Dee photography, flickr.com

Could it have been an albino Merganser? Does such a thing even exist? I’ve never seen one, if it does, and certainly not here. I was only able to find one picture searching the internet for images of a white merganser, and I’ve added it here. Bob verifies that the bird he saw, although sitting IN the creek and not flying, was similar to this photo. I don’t really know what we should read into this, but it is, without a doubt, a White Bird sighting, and an unusual one at that.

Then, Monday night, when Bob and I talked at work, the first thing that he told me was how he had found Joe in the bedroom:

“Hiding behind the planter by the window”, was the report.
“You mean like cowering? Literally hiding”? I wondered.
“Yeah, he was freaked.” Bob answered.

We ended our call at about 8:45 or so Monday night. Then Bob wrote me this email Tuesday morning:

The "heart-necklace" arrangement on the dresser now has Bob's stone & the wolves

BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least a presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

After Bob had told me about Joe’s behavior, hiding behind the plant in the bedroom, I came home to look around as usual. There was a strong buzz in the driveway. I kind of knew that I’d be coming in to something, and sure enough, here is my follow up email to Bob’s:

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.


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