Event #203: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email Bob wrote of Tues. April 5th,  morning:
BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

Then tonight, April 5, 2011, this is an excerpt of Bob’s email:

Nuttah has re-arranged us like this - she no longer leans against 'me'; a heart points at each of us

I was sitting outside with the puppies having a brew, and had just finished talking to Kate on the phone. Just after hanging up and just sitting with the pups drinking a Double Dog watching the water, I suddenly was in a tunnel of light, then, just as suddenly in the sweat lodge/hut. The elder gents are there and looking very earnest, just got a severe chill writing this.

Bob was then given a “vision” of how “we” – he and I – were THEN. Then, as soon as that vision was gone, he was shown us as we are now:
“Sitting in the creek on chairs having a brew, with a definite connection to each other and the water, and just as I had a thought about not being as happy as we/they were I was told it was because we have lost our way but we are on the correct trail now, not to lose sight, not to give up, to have a sense of urgency, this may end in an instant. Enjoy each other while you are together. That is it, I was back with the pups on the deck. Scared out of my mind. I love you Wup An’na

Now me narrating again: When I got home, there was again a buzz in the driveway and a re-arrangement of my character with Nuttah in the office. She is no longer leaning against me, but standing straight up and a heart points at me, and one at her. I’ve included a picture of this to the right.


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