Event #204: April 6, 2011

Bob’s email, April 6, AM: Kept having dreams about what I was shown last night, not very restful. I am not sure what I am to take from what I have seen, hopefully it is not a warning.

Then Wed. night at work; April 6 while Bob and I were on the phone. He was still downstairs sitting in the front living room. We were idly talking about events of the day, when Bob says, “WHAT was THAT!?”

“Was it a sound, bug, or other”, I wondered.
“OTHER.” came a rather adamant answer.
“Holy F@*K. Holy F*@K”, Bob said twice, audibly concerned. I was getting a little freaked myself, sitting in an office nearly 40 miles away.
“Something just walked through the room.” Bob continued. “I’m shaking like a leaf.”
“Was it the ‘whoosh’?” I asked anxiously, thinking about this new ‘entity’ that had ‘whooshed’ by Bob on the stairs to the bedroom awhile back.
“No. Something just walked right by me. It was visual too. I don’t know… it was dark… the thing was… whatever it was, was dark. It’s not the same as the entity that I’ve now encountered a couple of other times. It’s something different. It walked right by me and up the stairs.” Bob explained, as he got up from the chair and started to walk towards the stairs.
“How big was it?”, I wondered.
“Man-sized.” Bob answered.
I did and didn’t want him to, but Bob insisted on going up the stairs to check out the upper bedrooms. I was hoping I was not going to be calling 911 from work and have the police sent to the house. Bob found nothing amiss upstairs, and no longer ‘saw’ anything, nor felt any kind of presence.
“That was f-ing weird.” he stated with emphasis.
I had to agree. I was a little scared coming home, as my office is in this part of the house, and I often sit here after I get home and work on stuff. The room where this ‘entity’ walked through is right behind me.

Bob and I talked about this again the next night:
“The only reason I was freaked out was because I saw something walk through the room. But if I was really afraid that it meant harm, I would not have walked upstairs and looked around the upstairs rooms.” Bob explained.
“Was it aware of you?” I wondered.
“I don’t think so.” was Bob’s answer. “I think that there is a family of people living in the house in an overlapping time-frame, and every once in awhile, they ‘bleed’ through.” Bob continued.
“That kind of makes sense.” I said, thinking about the ‘Ghost’ book that I’d read about our area that talked about these kind of happenings all the time. For what if  ‘ghosts’ are not dead people or ‘visitations’ but are actually people just living out their own lives in a different time-frame? And perhaps Nuttah has opened up our ability to ‘see’ this, or to pick it up. I’ve seen nothing yet though, I just hear things.


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