Event #206: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bob didn’t mention anything when we talked on the phone at 8 pm, so I assume that what I found when I got home took place after we hung up. There were 3 changes on the dresser – new (thin) heart arrangements, and Bob’s stone was in a different place. The heart-necklace arrangements again have turtle charms inside them. Maybe I will hear tomorrow if there was anything else.

Then the next morning, here is an excerpt from Bob’s email:

This was a long, thin heart-shaped necklace with a turtle inside pointing toward Bob on the bed

Nuttah was clearly in the room last night. She is again, concerned about something. I don’t know what. I think it has something to do with her place. I never have a clear sense, but it seems to be trepidation. Not just for herself, but the community. She didn’t stay long, at least not that I am aware of, Joe the cat was aware but just sat next to me looking at where I think she was standing, beside the bed on my side. This was around 9:50, I think. Not that it matters. Any sense of her being about when you came home?

Remember the Lesser Celandine that showed up underneath my computer monitor on March 26th

And then my email to Bob:
Yes, Nuttah was clearly in the room, cause she left her “calling card”. The necklace-hearts were re-formed again – they are very long and tall hearts this time; again with the turtle charms inside them. There are 2 on the dresser and they both point at you. I heard the buzz too; experimented with asking a couple direct questions to see if I could ‘thought-talk” to her. Results are inconclusive. Pretty sure my own head answers me.

Bob sent an additional email later with this comment:
Flowers are blooming at her place too, but no lesser selendine, or however it is spelled.

And I emailed back:
How do you know, did you go there?? (re: celandine not growing there)

And Bob replied: No, didn’t go, she just mentioned it to tell An’na. Just forgot to put it in initial email.

Now me narrating: Lesser Celandine is considered to be an invasive weed in our watershed. I’m not sure when it was brought here, but evidently after Nuttah’s time.


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