Event #207: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Email excerpt from Bob, April 15, 6 AM:
I woke last night with a start when Joe the Cat rocketed straight up into the air from beside me and then I had that “whoosh” of someone/thing going past me. Did you notice anything last night when you came in? I think this was around 10:40, but not real certain of that. I went right back to sleep apparently. I am extremely tired this morning, don’t know if there is a connection, but I feel unslept.

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

And my email to Bob:
I didn’t sense anything other than the usual when I got home, which was around… 11 something, as best I can recall. I’m having an amusing vision of Joe rocketing straight into the air. Anyway, I heard the buzz, as usual now, even in the driveway, but no changes anywhere that I saw. You sensed that it was not Nuttah, but the other entity?

Bob’s email back:
Joe the Cat was not amused, I’m just glad I didn’t get clawed in the incident. He didn’t run as far as I remember, just jumped about 3′ in the air. I was only awake briefly, I don’t recall Nuttah being there, but in the commotion of the moment I may have not noticed her. Joe is a cat.

Me narrating: Obviously I don’t have a picture of Joe rocketing into the air, so I did this brief sketch of what this might have looked like. With my apologies to Joe. It really is a good thing that Joe is a cat. Any other animal with an ounce of brains, having seen what Joe has seen over the past year and some months would probably not be able to take it. Joe has a very short memory-span, thankfully for him. By the time he landed back down on the bed, the incident was forgotten, I am sure. The bigger issue of course, though, is what on earth is this “Whoosh” thing? I’m a little worried about it, but Bob keeps assuring me that “Nuttah would not let anything bad happen”.


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