Event #208: April 19-20, 2011

April 19: When Bob called me at work tonight, he reported Joe being all out of sorts. So when I got home, I did my usual ‘look-around’, and the only change I noticed had to do with the Oaxacan rabbit on the shelf over our mirror in the bathroom. It is no longer leaning over the mirror cabinet looking down, but standing straight up. I did ask Bob about it later, and he said he didn’t do it.

Then Wednesday evening, April 20th, when Bob and I were talking on the phone, he reported that at that moment, and for a good 2 hours of the evening, Nuttah had been with him:
“She’s been around quite awhile; the last couple of hours, in fact.”
“Is she still there?” I asked.
“Yeah.” was Bob’s reply.
“How about Joe? How’s he dealing with it?” I wondered.
“He’s a little weirded-out, but nothing really out of the ordinary – he’s just ‘Joe’ “, was Bob’s reply. “He’s not really even reacting to her.”
“And she’s right there?” I wondered.
“Yeah – she’s either sitting or standing right next to the bed”. Bob said. “She’s been here most of the evening”, Bob continued.
“Was she downstairs, and outside with you?” I wondered.
“Yeah – just being there… being happy to be there. The message coming across seems to be… ‘Appreciate what you have while you have it.’ ”
“How is she getting that across?” I asked.
“I don’t know”, Bob responded. “It’s just…  conveyed, somehow. I’m given an overwhelming sense of it just being ‘gone’ in a moment”.
“Are there any ‘changes’ in the room?” I wondered.
“No.” Bob said, “But that stuff isn’t important to me. Just that she’s here is what’s important. Joe is staring up like she’s standing here next to the bed.”

Then Bob reiterated what had occurred a couple nights before:
“That was pretty wild, how Joe just leaped into the air; at least 3 ft above the bed.” Bob remembered.
“That is pretty high…” I mused. “It’s like a cat on springs! Where was the ‘Whoosh-guy’?” I then asked.
“I don’t know, I can’t tell, he just ‘WHOOSHED’ by as I was laying here in bed. Joe had just settled himself down between our pillows, like he does every night. I had almost drifted off, and all of a sudden there was this feeling of the ‘WHOOSH’… and Joe was so freaked out that he shot up in the air.”
I then wondered, and I’ve thought of this before: “Do you think the presence of Nuttah has opened a ‘pathway’ of some sort, a ‘portal’, as it were, and brought other stuff in with her? And that’s what this ‘whoosh’ is?”
Bob responded: “That’s what I was thinking… an avenue for something else to follow… but I also believe that if it was possible for her to stop something bad, she would not let it happen.”
“Did she indicate if she got my gifts?” I wondered.
“What did you give her?” Bob asked.
“I left her some flower buds in the office.” I responded.
“She didn’t really say…” was Bob’s response.

This conversation had taken place while I was still at work, so when I got home, I checked around and found at least six changes, all in the bedroom:

1. The heart-turtle necklace is ‘shaped up’ back into a heart shape
2. The wooden turtle is open
3. Bob’s stone is stood up against the wolves
4. The owl is turned to face the bed.
5. The egg and the eagle are moved – the eagle is over with the array of farm animals.
6. On my bedside table is a heart-stone with the tiny little (evening primrose?) flower bud on top of it.

Don’t think I’ll have time for all the pictures in the morning, so I’m recording it in writing now in case anything moves before Friday morning, which will be the first chance that I’ll have to address it.

I confess, as of this actual date of publishing, it is now May 3rd, and I’m slipping behind again. What a busy spring it has been so far. But events are still happening, and I have about 4 more to record before I am caught up… pictures to add, etc. So stay tuned please.


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