Event #208a: April 20th, 2011 – The pictures

And, as promised, here are the pictures of at least 5 of the 6 events from the previous evening, when Nuttah visited Bob. Sometimes, I think it might be because she is bored waiting around for us to arrive. We are gone so long, she has a lot of time to kill, and she must have this particular night, waiting for Bob to get home. Remember, the events were:

On my lamp-base, a heart-shaped stone with a tiny Evening Primrose bud laid across the top

A chicken figurine, and my Native-American Eagle charm is placed to its right

Bob's stone is stood up leaning against the wolves: "tëme"

A re-shaped necklace into a heart with a turtle in it

The wooden turtle on the dresser was opened.

Then, coming home on Thursday night, April 21st, I opened the car door to what I would describe as a louder than usual “buzz” in the driveway. So loud, it sounds like there is a small motor still running in the car, like a fan under the hood. But then it followed me into the house, and into the bathroom. I heard it upstairs in the bedroom also. Nothing happened afterwards, but it was definitely louder than I normally hear it. I would describe it, and I picture it like a little “Tinkerbell” kind of character buzzing by my ear that I can’t see.


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