Events 209-210: April 28 – 29, 2011

These are two events in one post, happening April 28th & 29th:

Thursday, April 29, I came home very late from work because it’s my food shopping night. The first thing that I noticed when I came in was that the Maya book that we’d left open on the rocking chair the way that Nuttah had left it, was no longer open. It still laid on the chair, but it is closed. I did not know what to make of that, but Bob could easily have done it, and I would have to ask him. But then when I went into the office, I noticed a subtle change with our characters. (Me & Nuttah)

One of the Turtle rings that Leann found for "the cause"

This event requires a small bit of background first. One night pretty recently, we went out to dinner with Leann, and she offered us some “turtle-objects” to present to Nuttah to see if anything would happen with them. Leann had purchased these items that day at a flea market: little Turtle rings. And in this case, the smallest of them which had been in the office (pictured to the right), now sits on top of the large-floral heart in front of “me”, as pictured below.  So she has been here, and it just remains to be seen if she visited upstairs too…

The pink arrow points at the small turtle ring and where it was placed

Then Friday evening, April 29th, Bob & I came home together, and it was dark already. Bob went to take the dogs out one last time before we put them to bed for the night. He was out in the yard in the dark, but with some house lights on. It was then that Bob reported what he described as a “3-whoosh experience”. He described this like a ‘physical wind’ brushing against him:
“But it’s more than that” he reported. “It’s almost like a physical presence moving past you, you can feel the pressure. Clearly something that you would reflexively move away from or brace yourself –  you can feel it. Duke was barking at it, he saw it and barked at it as it went by; he was aware of it each time.” Bob said.

I can verify this because I was in the office with the window open and heard Duke barking.

Bob continues: “Waffles side-skittered all the way around to the other side of the office from the shed; twice he skittered off, freaked out by this whoosh.”


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