Event #211: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday morning we were puttering around, and our son Stewie came home to get ready for work. As soon as he got upstairs to his bedroom, he called down to us:

A bull statue faces Stewie's bed.

This Texas Longhorn tile sits on Stewie's bed

“Have either of you been in my room and moved stuff around?”
“No!” was the answer yelled up from the kitchen by both Bob and I.
I went up to Stewie’s room to see what had been changed. He showed me a bull statue on his bedside table, sitting on top of a book he was reading (loaned to us by Leann) and now staring at the bed where Stewie would be. The bull had been sitting over in a corner by his computer. And there was one other thing: A Texas Longhorn tile (also a bull) was sitting ON the bed. The tile, Stewie reported, always sits above his computer keyboard.


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