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May 31, 2011

Event #224: Tuesday night, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, it got R E A L L Y, really hot. Bob had just arrived home from a hard day at work, and BOOM, the power went out. He called me from his cell in the car, cause his cell phone doesn’t work here at the house. Most cell phones don’t, being in a valley surrounded by hills, and no cell towers. (We kind of like it like that). Anyway, he was thinking of heading out to a place with air conditioning, but the electric company recording was “projecting” that it would be restored around midnight. Wishful thinking. I got home at 11 or so and the power was still off. More than half of our neighbors along our road still had power. I called to see what the current projection was and now they were saying 2 in the morning.

And here are 3 of the ducks, now moved to the floor below the closet.

There was nothing to do but lay in a hot bed using my battery-operated book light to try to read with the still, hot, humid air descending on us like a wet blanket. Bob snored softly beside me, and I marveled that he slept at all. I was pretty sure I was not going to get to sleep in this oppressive heat, so to try and relax I did some puzzles and a little light reading.  At one point I got up to use the bathroom, and using my book light to illuminate the way, I noticed something new in my pathway back to the bed. It was the ducks! No longer on TOP of the closet, the core family of three ducks has been moved to the floor! I almost tripped over them. I don’t know when this happened, and I could have missed it earlier, obviously with no lights in the room. But there they were, on the floor next to the closet. I’m left to wonder what is the meaning.

May 29, 2011

Non-event, Sunday, May 29, 2011

The vegetable garden is progressing. As a reminder, the garden was started with a strong prompting from Nuttah to Bob that we must become more self-sufficient. And Bob was twice treated to a ‘look’ at how the Lenape plant their fields. Our garden apparently does not follow the guidelines of the classic Lenape garden, but I think that it will work; at least in terms of our small beginnings of learning to “live off the land”. I’ve included here a series of pictures of how quickly growing progress has been made, especially after nearly two weeks straight of rainy days. The sun then emerged, albeit briefly, on Saturday, May 23rd, and in that one day we literally saw beans grow about 2 inches.

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right, White Irises in bloom along the fence: May 29th

The Vegetable Garden on May 21st - the first row of peas is emerging.

May 23rd: Peas, Beans are just emerging and tomatoes along the back

All seeds planted are now showing at least a seedling, and we have our "Three-Sisters" Plus garden

May 26, 2011

Event #223: Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m having to re-number the “events”, as this in fact is #223, but since I skipped over it back in May (that was Bob’s request), things are now out of order. So I’m dating this event the actual day that it occurred, which was May 26. This might be confusing, but please bear with me as I get caught up and current, then hopefully it will make sense, as much as any of this can make sense.

On May 26, at about 7 pm, Bob wrote me this email:

Well, Dukey, Waffles and I went on a journey tonight. Sitting outside with a brew and puppies and sweating my ass off, suddenly Whoosh and Nuttah arrive in an almost wind and then I am there, at their place. It caught me so completely off guard that I, for a moment couldn’t breathe. Duke and Waffles unphased. The wolf puppies are there. We head immediately upstream to a bend in the creek, it is a still, deep pool. On the edge of the pool/creek  there are 6 men facing the water, nude and covering themselves in mud from the creek and in the middle of some sort of chant. I can see past them and the white merganser is floating in the pool, completely unphased by their presence. Just like the mallards and Ima were with us; oblivious. I don’t know what they were saying and Nuttah got a little irritated when I kept looking around and trying to ask what was going on, I felt EXACTLY like I did as a kid in church when my parents would “shoosh” me. The puppies, all four, went and sat by the men and faced the creek, completely obedient and respectful. I was the clueless one. The men chanted and rubbed creek mud on themselves for a long time, at least 20 minutes, I think. There were 4 older men and 2 younger. I kept feeling Whoosh behind me, Nuttah was holding my arm and rubbing my forearm, but focused on the water. I put my hand on hers and I could tell she was happy I did. I turned to try and see Whoosh because it was a constant presence.  Finally I saw Whoosh. It is the 2 elder gents. They both put their hands on my face when I turned, as if saying, don’t worry, focus on the ceremony. But I can’t understand what the men are saying. I do know we won’t be able to show the merganser to anyone else, nor the mallards we saw. As quickly as it happened we are back, with one BIG exception. Waffles, Duke and I are on the other side of the bridge, about 20 feet from the road. That freaked me out a bit. Made our way back and trying to sort things out. Your thing with ducks has meaning. Meaning beyond this life. Not sure I want this published.  I love you Wup An’na, so does your daughter, Nuttah. She cried when I got the connection between you and the white merganser.

Hearts point at me and our characters

Bob and I talked on the phone after I read this email, and neither of us knew what to make of his “relocation”. That was the first time that happened. It was as if he left from the deck, and he and the pups were returned somewhere else, like there was a slight flaw in the process. Slight. Bob was freaked. “What if she put me back inside a wall, or something?”, he wondered. Or I wondered, “Yeah, how about on a highway, and you don’t have time to move?” The ramifications were pretty perturbing.
Then that night when I came home there was a new arrangement on my desk of Nuttah’s and my character. I took a picture, and have included it here.

May 20, 2011

Events #219-222: May 18 – 20, 2011

Here is an excerpt of an email that Bob sent on the morning of May 18:
Well, what do you think of my hurtin’ drawing? Were you able to at least get the concept of what I was trying to get across?

(Bob refers here to the drawing he did of what he was ‘shown’ in the vegetable fields: the mounded style of gardening)

Bob continues: I think, and this is unclear, as is everything, that one of the animals that is left alone for “religious” reasons are rabbits; I could be wrong, but I remember thinking as the pups ran through the woods that I hope nothing happens to them, that they are mistaken for dangerous predators or something like that. That is when I got the idea of certain animals having spiritual, mystical qualities that protect them from predation by humans. I guess I should have drawn the “huts” that I saw last night in the “dream”, I believe they may be family housing, but then I don’t know what the long houses are for? I guess community gathering, but why two? I guess I could ask.

This arrangement was just to the right of my keyboard

My reply: I thought the “hurtin drawing” was pretty good, I got the idea anyway. I am going to scan it tonight and hopefully get that stuff updated. I have a new arrangement next to me at my desk too.

(I have included a picture of the arrangement to the right. This was next to my keyboard when I came home.)

A new "heart" arrangement appears on the dresser, using Bob's stone and the Daisy Bracelet

Then when I came in on the night of May 19, I wrote this email to Bob: When I came up, Joe was not doing much of anything, sleeping only I think, but there is a new arrangement on the dresser. I will put a picture in the blog maybe tonight… you have a heart pointing at you with your stone inside it and the daisy chain bracelet is stretched out straight across the top of the heart. Interesting new twist. Couldn’t find anything else though.

So to the left, I have placed the picture of what I found: Bob’s “stone” is placed inside a heart-shaped necklace, and the daisy bracelet is stretched out across the top in a straight line this time. I should mention that everything on the dresser, including the turtle, got all messed up and pushed to the side, because I am in the process of the seasonal “wardrobe-change”, where I swap out my winter clothes and bring in the summer stuff. It’s taking longer than I thought.

And then two last things bear mentioning: The ducks on the closet were slightly readjusted again, and Stewie has been reporting something that’s happening to him. He told us that about every other day, his TV remote is in a new place in his room. It’s been a long time since anything happened to remotes, so we find this interesting.

May 18, 2011

Event #218a: Tuesday night, May 17, 2011

Lenape huts similar to what I picture Bob may have 'seen'.

Bob also described some huts that he observed on his way to the field. He must have been by these on previous visits, but this time it was daylight, and he could see them clearly. He said they were little oval-type ‘houses’; a series of them, apparently individual dwellings. “Almost like a cone, or an inverted cup.” he explained.

“The wolf puppies were there too.” Bob continued. “There is something about wolves – nobody will hurt a wolf.” he explained. “It’s almost like it’s a ‘religious’ thing, they are revered – they don’t kill them. And it isn’t just wolves they feel this way about – there are other things.” Bob said.

“Turkeys?” I wondered, not sure why.

“No… I just ‘got’ this impression of rattlesnakes too, and there are other things that they won’t hurt. I’m thinking rabbit, but that doesn’t make sense, you’d think rabbit would be a staple food. But I did get that impression.”

“What do you think was the occasion for this 2nd visit?” I wondered, since even one visit has been a pretty rare occurrence of late.

“I guess to see more detail of the scene — the fields.” Bob explained. “This time it was very bright there. It was only 7:30 or so, and they’re having a bit sunnier weather than we are right now.” Bob refers here to the week of non-stop rain we’ve had.
He went on to explain, “Her father is from the north of here. ‘Mintzi’, ‘Mitzi’? tribe – a wolf tribe from up north. ”

“You mean like the ‘Minsi’ Trail?” I wondered.

“I guess, now that you say that. At least that’s what it sounded like.” Bob answered.

And I just found this information from a website about the “Munsee” branch of the Lenape:

The three tribes were the Minsi (Munsee/Mahican); which meant “Stone Land or Mountain People“, believed to be the oldest tribe as well as the tribe that stayed pretty much in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New York since about 1000 ad. The Munsee were the primary meat gatherers of the Delaware as farming was very difficult in the mountains rocky soil. The Delaware referred to the Munsee as the  “Wolf Tribe“.  (And maybe why the wolves were revered?)

The article goes on to add that the other two tribes were the “Unami” or “Turtle Tribe” from the area around the Delaware River and the “Unalachticos or Turkey Tribe” from the Jersey shore area.

That was about it for Bob’s observations from his “trip”. Mostly it was about gardening, with some observations as he saw things on the way to the fields. I do hope that this is not a commentary on OUR gardening style. It is, for the most part, an experiment, and our first attempt at growing actual vegetables. We didn’t learn about “Three-Sisters Agriculture” until Nuttah showed Bob the ‘mound’ style of planting that I illustrated in the last post. I do still wonder if it’s too late to experiment with this — can’t hurt to try, I suppose. We do have the soil and the seeds. If I have some time this week, maybe we’ll give it a shot.

May 17, 2011

Event #218: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday evening, Bob was spending some time zoning out in front of the fish tank. Then, in a semi-dream state, he was treated to another look at the field (in her time) where the vegetables are being grown. Bob describes these dream-state events as if he is watching [what he is being shown] on a 3D TV. When we talked on the phone about an hour later, he said he’d drawn a quick picture of what he saw there – the planting style. I scanned the drawing and have inserted it here full-size to get the full effect of Bob’s drawing detail, because this one is quite good:

The Lenape "Three-Sisters" (Corn-Beans-Squash) or "Companion-Planting" style

Bob explained what he saw in their field:

“I saw this last night when I was ‘taken there’,  but I didn’t really understand what I was looking at. They do have rows of crops, but there is something else. There are these individual mounds, and the corn is growing out of the center of the mound.  This is further back around the corn. It’s like there is a mound of the corn, then surrounding them are plantings of other things. They might be ‘progressively planting’ in stages. The mounds are about 24 – 30″ across; there is a center plant, and around it are other plantings, like beans maybe.” Bob continued to explain.

“Are they there to support the other plant in some way?” I wondered, not sure why, but thinking that perhaps being together like that, the plants benefited from each other, possibly even physical support, like we might install a trellis or poles.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like it, just that this was the ‘planting style’.” Bob replied.

I then did a little internet research today to see if I could find a picture that might agree with Bob’s renderings of their planting style. I could not find a picture, but did find this information regarding “Three Sisters Agriculture”, also known as “Companion Planting”. This comes from this site, which is a Wikipedia description:

“In one technique known as companion planting, the three crops are planted close together. Flat-topped mounds of soil are built for each cluster of crops. Each mound is about 30 cm (1 ft) high and 50 cm (20 in) wide, and several maize seeds are planted close together in the center of each mound. In parts of the Atlantic Northeast, rotten fish or eel are buried in the mound with the maize seeds, to act as additional fertilizer where the soil is poor. When the maize is 15 cm (6 inches) tall, beans and squash are planted around the maize, alternating between beans and squash.The three crops benefit from each other. The maize provides a structure for the beans to climb, eliminating the need for poles. The beans provide the nitrogen to the soil that the other plants utilize and the squash spreads along the ground, blocking the sunlight, which helps prevent weeds. The squash leaves act as a “living mulch, creating a micro-climate to retain moisture in the soil, and the prickly hairs of the vine deter pests. Maize lacks the amino acids lysine and tryptophan, which the body needs to make proteins and niacin, but beans contain both and therefore together they provide a balanced diet.”

Finally, I did find a rendering of what this style looks like growing, and I now know why it was so hard to find. I approached this search using “Lenape Style Gardening Techniques” or words like that. I could not find much. But using “Three Sisters Gardening or planting”, there are a lot of results. Too many for me to get involved in today. (I wonder if it’s too late to try one of these mounds?)

Three-Sisters planting: Corn, Beans, Squash

This is all very interesting, especially relative to Bob’s drawing of what he was shown. I’m wishing that we had seen this prior to doing our own planting, but we will see how that goes. Back to the drawing:  it would then appear that the corn was planted in stages, and at the 6″ stage, the other plants were put in, but the corn must be done progressively, otherwise, why would there be mounds that only have corn in the center of them in Bob’s drawing? (Maybe he just got tired of drawing them).

An image of the mound for planting from ""

There will be more from Bob’s observations in his “dream-state” in the next post, as there was actually quite a bit to this “visit”. I will also add a new picture from our garden, as, with this week of rain, things have begun to GROW! Here is one last picture:

May 16, 2011

Event #217: Monday evening, May 16, 2011

Tonight, Bob called me at work and told me that he’d been treated to a view of the field where their vegetables had been planted. In her world. Remember the Lenape phrase that Bob picked up back on May 3:  ntàpi hakihe or in English, “I have just come from planting.” And that they did. Bob was taken to see the result:

“She showed me the field. There are already plants coming up; it is a big field, much bigger than I thought.” said Bob.
He continued, “They have corn, but it doesn’t seem to be like our corn.”
“How high is their corn?” I wondered. (Thinking about the local phrase… ‘knee high by the 4th of July’)
“It was maybe 8 inches… 6 to 8 inches I would guess. They had long rows of it.” Bob replied.
“How long were the rows?” I asked, now thinking about the dozen or so seeds I put in our garden of corn, feeling like that was all we had room for.
“About 30 – 40 yards long.” was Bob’s estimate.
“How many rows of crops do they have?” I asked.
“I guess maybe 25 – 30 rows, if I had to guess.” Bob said.
“How do you know it’s corn?” I wondered.
“I think it is… and there are maybe two other things; not sure of what they are. Some sort of vine, like maybe squash. Could be beans. I don’t know — I don’t know what these things look like. They had a lot of clearing to do — there were huge boulders in this field they cleared — big stumps that they had to burn.” Bob explained.
“Where is it?” I asked, talking about the field itself.
“It’s up the hill from here — not directly across the street from us; you’d have to go through some woods that are there, and then maybe out where the road is now. The wolves (tëme) were there, Nuttah, and the ‘whoosh’ all came. They were all at the field.” Bob said.
“Do we have any idea what the ‘Whoosh’ is?” I wondered.
“Don’t know.” Bob replied.
“It’s invisible?” I asked.
“Yeah – to me.” Bob said.
“Did she say anything?” I asked.
“No, she just wanted to show me the work that they did.” Bob replied.
“Did she mention what’s going on with the duck?” I wondered, thinking about I-M-A-Duck.
“No, except that I pick up a definite connection between her and the duck. It’s not just a random duck.” Bob replied. “And it has a connection to you.”
“How did she convey that?” I wondered.
“I don’t know… it’s just a clear connection, you and the duck.” Bob answered.
“Did you see that the ducks moved again?” I asked, speaking of the fabric ducks on top of my closet.
“No. How?” Bob wondered.
“The big one – the Papa duck… it’s moved off to the right, separated from the rest of them.” I described to Bob.
“I thought of that one as IMA.” Bob said. “I think that duck does represent IMA.” Bob continued.
“Oh. I never thought of that” I said. “I always thought of the biggest duck as ‘you’, the medium one as ‘me’, and then the 3 little ones as the children. Did you notice anything else while you were there?” I then asked.
“No, not really. It seems I was taken there just to see the field and the crops.” Bob answered.
“Where do you ‘land’ when you go there?” I suddenly wondered.
“Right at the edge of the creek. Roughly, right where I am standing in ‘our time’, but then at her time — only not in the water, at the edge of the water.” Bob answered.
“And where were you this time, when you ‘left’? I wondered.
“I was right by the garden.” Bob answered. “Right on the pathway by the vegetable garden.”
“And how long were you gone?” I wondered.
“Not long — just minutes, it could have even been seconds.” Bob answered.
“What is your body doing here while you are ‘gone’?” I wondered.
“No idea. Like I said, it may only be a split second. I have no way of knowing how much time this actually takes.” Bob said.
Is it the same time of day as it is here?” I asked.
“Yeah, exactly the same time of day. They’re having a little better weather than we are right now. The wolves were just casually walking around with us. Very weird.”
Here, I am placing the latest picture of our actual garden, the one I spoke of above that has the 12 seeds of corn. The seeds actually went in on the weekend of the 13th-14th, so hopefully there will soon be photos of plants coming up:

Picture 2 of the vegetable garden we put in this year. Those are soaker-hoses snaking through it, and tomatoes coming up along the wall of the out-building.

May 15, 2011

Event #216: Saturday, May 14, 2011

I-M-A-Duck returns after a week away.

Bob was waiting for me to get ready to go out somewhere and was sitting in the sun room reading one of his Maya books. It just so happened that another one had shown up on a chair in the room – not the rocking chair this time, but one of the cushioned chairs. This book is called “Maya Prophecies”, but was not left open to any particular page.

Nuttah has isolated the Mom & Dad duck toward the end of the closet along with the one she uses to represent herself.

Bob said as he sat there,  he also began thinking about how, except for the duck incident of the prior weekend, there really has not been much in the way of contact. And we are not completely sure that the ducks are an ‘event’ necessarily, except for their odd behavior (not being spooked by us), and the fact that the bedroom ducks were rearranged in a group of 3. I’ve included here a picture of them as a reminder.

But then Bob said that at some point as he was musing over this, he felt an impulse, or more or less a ‘tug’ to go outside to the creek. So he got up from his reading, and went out to the deck to go look around. And there in the creek was I-M-A-Duck, swimming around in the company of 2 mallards. He yelled up at the bathroom window to get my attention and when I came to the window, Bob yelled,  “I-m-a-Duck is back!” And sure enough, there she (he) is, back in the creek. So I guess she just mimics the behavior of all of our wild ducks out here – well now she does. When she first ‘arrived’, she seemed very discombobulated. Like she didn’t know what to do, how to eat, where to swim — for hours she just kind of sat there under the bridge, seemingly for safe cover. But now she seems okay, in that she’s behaving like a duck. So perhaps she will be alright. Bob is off fishing right now and left me a note that she was in the creek as of this morning, since it is now Sunday morning, and I just looked and I can spot her downstream on a rock in the center of the creek.

I-m-a-Duck with one of the male mallards she has "befriended"

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May 11, 2011

Event #215: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A new arrangement in the office using Leann's gift-objects

Tonight when I was talking to Bob from work, the first thing he mentioned was how completely out-of-sorts Joe-the-cat was. “Slinking around the outer walls of the bedroom”, was how he described it. That is usually how Joe behaves when he’s been freaked out by a “visit”. So coming home, I didn’t quite know what to expect. My first stop was the office, and to the left of my keyboard on the desk is an arrangement of my character with Nuttah, a couple of hearts and a couple of turtles.

One of the Turtle rings that Leann found for "the cause"

A little explanation is required. I already mentioned the tiny turtle ring that Leann had given us for “the cause”. Here to the right is a thumbnail again of the ring. Leann had also given us a single turtle earring, because she’d lost the other one. And that is the long beaded piece that you see stretched out in front of “me”, with a small turtle at the end of it, and the ring pictured to the right is encircling that earring-turtle. Then lastly, the yellowed heart-shaped celandine leaf is propped up in front of “me” with the rubber band, and the large floral heart-charm is upside down leaning against Nuttah. As I looked around upstairs, I could find nothing else amiss, but Bob was asleep, and I will wait for his morning email to see if maybe there was some further communication. Our duck is still missing. We continue to look out on the creek every day, but no sign of “I-am-a-Duck”, or IMA for short.

This particular post has something unusual about it. I think it is the FIRST time that I’ve actually posted an event on the night that it happened. Which means that I am caught up, finally. I have a feeling that there will be more to add in the morning though, after I hear from Bob.

May 8, 2011

Event #214: Sunday, May 8, 2011

The new 'different' duck that was ushered in by the White Merganser

As I described in the last post, a rather unusual duck appeared on the creek on Saturday. The thing about this duck though, is that Bob witnessed its arrival: he watched as it was ushered in by the mysterious white merganser, which is almost a mythological bird to begin with. And then, right after this odd duck arrived, Nuttah, the “whoosh” and the wolves all arrived, as reported by Bob. This occurred out by the creek in the morning. We watched the new duck all weekend, as much as we could, and we were completely undecided as to its significance. Was it merely a cross between a domestic farm-duck and a wild male mallard? Was it a new breed of duck we’d never seen before? Was it here from Nuttah’s era? Was it here because of Nuttah? And if so, why? What were we expected to do with it?

Nuttah has isolated the Mom & Dad duck toward the end of the closet along with the one she uses to represent herself.

Then Sunday night, I went up to bed, and as I laid down I glanced up at the top of my closet for some reason. And as if to affirm that the ‘3-duck scene’ we’d witnessed on the creek over the weekend was related to Nuttah in some way, this is how the ducks on the closet were now arranged. See picture to the left. Prior to this, since February, they’ve been all grouped together in the middle of the closet, and nothing at all has happened to them since then. So what do I read into this? That somehow, Nuttah was behind the whole duck thing on the creek?  But what was that about? And where is the duck now? I’m actually posting this on Tuesday evening, and although our new duck was still there as of Monday morning, by the time Bob got home Monday night, it was gone. And it remains gone. We don’t know what to think. Ducks do come and go… but we’re afraid this one had no ability to fly, but may be wrong about that. Here is a wide shot of all five of them on the top of my closet, the way they were arranged Mother’s Day evening:

Nuttah re-arranges the ducks again to her liking.