Event #212: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bob wrote this as part of an email Tuesday morning, speaking about the previous night:

Was awakened a little after 3 with “siponk atomm, Tulpa Hanenk” or something similar, which I remember from past visits, means something like, “Let’s go to turtle creek“. I remember the language fairly clearly, at least I think I do. Anyway, off I went in the dream-like journey, this time it seemed pretty cool and almost normal, still completely unbelievable to me. For what it is worth Nuttah is tugging you to come, you were zonked. It was a brief walk along the creek in darkness, she wanted to tell and show us, I think anyway, that they have begun planting the crops, something like, and this is going to be either completely wrong or substantially wrong: “natopi hokehi” something about planting crops, I think. I think she wants us to see the new field. I suspect that will have to be in daylight. Creek was MOVING. Not muddy, but wide, high and fast. Not much else said, felt a sense of accomplishment and a push towards us, like we have to get moving. That is it, but it was nice, albeit disturbing, to hear from her on a personal level again.

And an excerpt from my email back to Bob:
Wow, that’s pretty wild. Damn, I wish I had gone, must be the 1/2 a sleeping pill I took to help me sleep. If that is why I didn’t go, I will stop taking them! Which direction did you go along the creek? Do you have any idea what prompted a visit after all this time? Yes, I guess it is time to plant soon. Let her know I’d still like to “go”. It seems like forever since this happened last. Maybe some night when you’re sitting out with the puppies in the light, she’ll take you down to see the field. I’ll have to look all those Lenape words up tonight. How did she indicate that I was too zonked to come?

And Bob’s email back to me about it:
Yes, we went upstream, probably only a couple hundred yards. I think Nuttah wants us to see the plantings. I got a sense she was tugging you “mentally” and you weren’t responding. I would like to see the field, that would be kind of cool. Wouldn’t mind doing it after work one day, especially if I could take a fly rod along! That would be something. Remember, the words are likely not spelled properly, I would try what I think the English phrase is also, I could be completely wrong, but I think I remember the one phrase, I think it is “go down to the creek” or “let ‘s go down to the creek”, something like that.

Then, by the night of May 4, I had a chance to go back to those Lenape language sites that I’d not been to in what feels like months. And here is what I was able to find. (Bob was very close in writing what he’d heard):

May 4th, evening: Okay, so here it is; I looked the words up online last night:
What you wrote: natopi hokehi
Actual Lenape: ntàpi hakihe
Meaning: “I just came from planting.

What you wrote: “siponk atomm, Tulpa Hanenk”
tulpehanink = Turtle Creek
atam: Let’s go
sipu: creek
Let us go to Turtle Creek:
sipu + “nk” = sipunk “at, to, in the river” (or creek)

So there it is… Anything last night?
And from Bob: Well I did get it pretty close.

So… ntàpi hakihe, “I just came from planting”. We have been doing quite a bit of that, but have not yet finished the vegetable garden that Nuttah has been prodding us to start. The soil doesn’t come until Saturday. (We can’t work with the soil we have). But once it does, we should be on our way. Corn, squash, and beans: The Three Sisters are what will go in first. This will be our first attempt at a ‘real’ vegetable garden.


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